UPDATE! Coming Up on Interchange: “Later also headache”

Interchange_Logo-300x245The title of this post comes from Naomi Baron’s Words Onscreen which will serve as the basis of an upcoming Interchange program. “Later also headache” was a description given by a German respondent as to a negative aspect of “reading onscreen.”

Here’s a look at the schedule for the next month or so, but you can’t really hold me to any of this…life is a fickle pickle after all.

[UPDATE! See I told you so…]

6/16: Orson Welles. Guests, Jonathan Rosenbaum and James Naremore
6/16: “Framing the Self: Conversations About Identity”
This episode of Interchange brings together two episodes that first aired on WFHB’s The Custom House. Part one features a conversation with John Eakin about writing autobiography (and his study of it, including the ethics of the practice); Part two is a discussion with local Pigeon Hill photographer Jeff Wolin whose work pairs his subjects’ narrations of themselves with his portraits of them both “then” and “now.”

6/23: The Significant Insignificance of Juneteenth. Guest, Amira Millicent Davis

6/30: Ellen Willis. Guest Nona Willis (tentative) OR Orson Welles.

7/7: PART I–The Geography, Politics, and Ethics of Drone War. Guests: various (symposium at IU)

7/14: The Medieval New. Guest: Patty Ingham

7/21: PART II–The Geography, Politics, and Ethics of Drone War Guests: various (symposium at IU)


8/11: Words Onscreen. Guest: Naomi Baron (possibly also Karin James)


9/15: John Lewis & Civil Rights (special event with Monroe County Public Library)

9/22: Lincoln’s Political Thought. Guest: George Kateb (possibly audio with John Burt, author of Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism)

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