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WFHB’s Interchange – An Interview with Jasper Bernes on Logistics and Food Systems

AUDIO: Capital’s (Hidden) Art of War and the Belly of the Revolution In the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh rejects the grain offering of the farmer, Cain, while accepting the flesh offering of his brother, the shepherd Abel. Cain, wounded by this rejection, murders his brother. The consequence is banishment to the […]

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The Tragedy of Influential (White Supremacist) Liars: Distorting the Commons (Against Fair Housing and Civil Rights)

How can we measure the influence of bad ideas? If there is anything to learn from the “system” of social media it’s that bad news travels and expands exponentially while the “good news” is always sentimental and local (seems a “one-off”). Humans are perhaps best characterized by their affinity for gossip (what is the “gospel” […]

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Energy and Doom

The future is incompatible with human thinking. That’s not to say we cannot imagine “tomorrow” but that what we imagine will always be cobbled together out of “pastness.” Further, the very same thinking that is assertively addicted to narratives of repetition (the sun rises, the sun sets, the sun rises, the sun sets)–I think we […]

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The Epic of The Once-ler

In an age of too much, too fast, too  late we have already shoved the Seussian idea of ecology into the recycle bin of useless messages. I would rage against this idiotic cotton candy confection–but to what purpose? I participated in the very cultural act it’s supposed moral speaks against as I went to the […]

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Progress, Innovation and Improvement: Useful Ideas

Want to bait a hook intended for humans?  Use the worm that turns on “improvement.”  This worm will wriggle any old way you choose. Want to assess your life…what improvements have made you a better person? Define better?  More caring, compassionate, open, critical yet expansive and responsive… Or do you prefer selfish, detached, singular, less […]

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Competition Is Cultural Inbreeding

So, against my better judgement, let’s pretend we can make do with this soul-crushing, resource destroying economy that we call “Capitalism.” It’s just a name that means something like a dogma (which can be considered a law or rules but also a faith) that says a capital economy, and really, a way of life as […]

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Scrape ‘em off, Save yourself: Climate Catastrophe and Education

I saw this comment today on the FB regarding an Education article: “I think public education must be like climate change. It is much easier to oppose than to support.” Hmmm…one is huge and absolutely beyond comprehension and makes no sense to so many people; how can our puny ways alter a geologic process that […]

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Absolutism in the Face of Climate Disaster

What more can I offer anymore but anger and resignation.  We are such petty creatures.  Pathetic in unrestrained desires and petulance.  Gaze upon the divine image in the guise of politicians and interest groups screaming about their twisted moralities.  Dominate and exploit.  Hateful. Climate catastrophe is looming.  If there is one way in which I […]

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The Egalitarian Eagerness of Promethean Fire: The One Story

Here’s my take on the how the world unfolds. We are moving toward climate disaster. We are moving toward global cultural “synchronization.” We are moving toward global mercenary militarization. We are moving toward a “burning” earth. We are moving toward the end. I am less than hopeful that a catastrophe that is truly Biblical will […]

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Denial Strata: Economic Geologists and Corporate Industrial Fabrications

climate change headline in newspaper

You know how sometimes you’re just walking along minding your own Ps and Qs when out of the blue there comes a synchronicity of events that brings a kind of clarity that was formerly “felt” but unrealized?  This happened to me recently and it’s sort of a “duh” moment–I mean the following seems obvious when […]

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Bikes and Women

In Bloomington recently a man was run over and killed while riding his bicycle. A hit and run. It occurred […]

Interchange: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist: Michael Yates on the Working Class

AUDIO: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist With Covington Catholic High School students offering a fresh examples of the embodied ideologies […]

LeRoi and Ornette – Becoming in Time

I was listening to a PoemTalk (PennSound) about LeRoi (Amiri Baraka) Jones’s early poem “Kenyatta Listening to Mozart“ and one of […]

WFHB’s Interchange – Just a Spoonful of America

Audio: Just a Spoonful of America The title of our show, “Just a Spoonful of America – Prescribing American Studies […]

Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy (WFHB’s Interchange)

AUDIO: Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy We open with the jazz tune, “Epistrophy,” from Eric […]

WFHB’s Interchange – A Targeted Divide: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives

AUDIO: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives This is the special 90-minute finale for our series A Targeted Divide. […]