Indicting Western Masculine Tribal Obsessions

Of course, if you’re an American man you’ve already heard, read, posted on your Facebook, something about Joe Paterno’s firing.

Alongside Paterno goes the University president, Graham Spanier.

typewriterYou don’t need me to push out the obvious connection or analogy here: College football is an institutional “religion” for many folks and so the comparison of priests and boys to coaches and boys can’t be far from our minds.

But, hey, how about the military?  Gangs?  Corporate board rooms?  Mercenary assassins?  Presidents and Senators?

What are the commonalities?

These are self-selecting, masculine groups which pride themselves on their uniqueness, their “secret society” that is “of a higher purpose” than the common man and woman who will not be admitted.  (Yes, college sports programs and their athletes believe they are of a higher order than the rest of us….ask them).

They bandy words like “family” and “honor” and “discipline” and “brotherhood.”

Is the US unique in this?

Why do we privilege this way of being, applaud it, pour our money into its continuation?

I say defund them all.  Abolish college athletics AS THEY ARE now.  They exist as the wrong kind of college priority and the wrong kind of economic model.

If you don’t think this culture is messed up, why not visit the Penn State campus to enjoy the riots over the firing.  Heaven forbid the infallible high priest and master of the athletic plantation be held accountable for their sins.



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