Normalizing Your Terrors

They Come in Peace

I’ve posted several times (see links below) about the use of drones and how we are are almost entirely normalized to them; how our “officials” and “public servants” are already normalized to their use for things like fighting forest fires (thumbs up!) and policing crowds (thumbs down!).  In other words, the drones are in the air, they’re in use, they are at the ready, if you’ve done nothing wrong what do you fear?

So now we have another division.  The first, Billionaires and their cronies vs the rest of us; the second, newer division, those who are pro-drone (in the hopes that cheering the program exempts them from slaughter) and those who know it doesn’t matter whether you cheer or decry drones–the machines don’t discriminate.  Hey, I stumbled upon a human advance, a progress: Machines don’t discriminate!  They are better than humans!  They kill indiscriminately–so enlightened

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Enough, yeah?  Just read this recent piece in Rolling Stone (Rise of the Killer Drones) and realize it’s over, it’s all over.  Duck and cover won’t matter here either–and even if you’ve hopped into that fully-furnished 50s-era bomb shelter remember there are bombs for that too (bunker busters probably made of depleted uranium).

Still, I have to point out this paragraph at the beginning of the piece.  It’s not like it’s more horrifying than anything else; it’s just that it seems to speak of the relative paucity of moral thinking that occurs in the places where one hopes that great minds are engaged.

“Drones have really become the counterterrorism weapon of choice for the Obama administration,” says Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown law professor who helped establish a new Pentagon office devoted to legal and humanitarian policy. “What I don’t think has happened enough is taking a big step back and asking, ‘Are we creating more terrorists than we’re killing? Are we fostering militarism and extremism in the very places we’re trying to attack it?’ A great deal about the drone strikes is still shrouded in secrecy. It’s very difficult to evaluate from the outside how serious of a threat the targeted people pose.”

So, Rosa, Georgetown Law Prof, is concerned NOT that drones are indiscriminate killing machines used indiscriminately by an Outlaw Administration for an Outlaw Nation on anyone, anywhere at any time: her concern…”are the drones making more darn terrorists than they’re killing?”

If so, Rosa, we’d better ramp it up and, as Kurtz says in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (reading like prophecy), “Exterminate all the brutes!”  That’s just a minor tweak to the program parameters, right?

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