Progress, Innovation and Improvement: Useful Ideas

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Want to bait a hook intended for humans?  Use the worm that turns on “improvement.”  This worm will wriggle any old way you choose.

Want to assess your life…what improvements have made you a better person?

Define better?  More caring, compassionate, open, critical yet expansive and responsive…

Or do you prefer selfish, detached, singular, less physical, ideological…

You choose and then we can talk.

You have friends, hopefully.  They are accidents of life–proximal coincidences.  Can you not imagine that many others are also friends like that…and can we not imagine one like another?  If you care for your friends how do you express this?

Do you have children?  Others have children.  What’s good for yours and good for theirs universally?  Ideology is divisive.  Does your ideology improve life for everyone?

If you don’t think of everyone then you too will be abstracted waste by those other “everyones” whom you are dismissing.

Are you a kinder, more sympathetic parent?  What is a parent?  Do you even see your children?

What do your children do?  Do they run, jump, shout, draw, paint, sing, color, dance?

Do they click and shoot and “build” and “explore” the digital interface of our programmed reality?

Is that better?  Is that opportunity?

That’s technology, though.  That’s progress, though.  Those are innovations.

Useful words to people who like to control and manage the lives of others.

The true implications of those words are always in the service of power, primarily military.

What trickles out of the labs at MIT and into the Pentagon eventually finds its way into commercial applications and then dominates the dumb human beast.

Truly, I once felt chastened by the Improvers when they would say that nostalgia for “simpler” times is a fantasy that excludes how difficult life was.

Is it less difficult for the vast majority of the world’s population today?  I don’t think so.  It’s sure a nicer world for the Improvers.

And through our support this country, a nation that profited from vast natural resources and became a strategically dominant nation due to it’s protection by oceans, the USA, genetically out of England but unshackled from history, must now be renamed Destroyer.

How has complete depletion of all resources used to make garbage to entertain a population that responds with the depth and complexity of mice served as “progress”?


While looking for an image for the post I knew of a landfill that juxtaposed a past culture with a present: the Milam Landfill outside of St. Louis (in Illinois) is very close to Cahokia Mounds, the site of one of the oldest and most complex of Native American social organizations.  The landfill far surpasses the mounds for “grandeur” of scale.

A brief search turned up an educational site detailing St. Louis as the “Mound City” and this site offers info (and pics) on both the Landfill and Cahokia Mounds.  What caught my ironic eye was the way the landfill is described as a benefit:

This gas-recovery plant pulls in 1.2 million cubic feet of methane a day, supplying over 3,500 homes and businesses with electricity and saving 44,000 barrels of oil each year.

This “lesson” seems to want to “timeline” waste management as a “progressive” venture as well.

Human self-delusion.   It must be our greatest strength

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photo credit: Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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