DeMuth to School Board: Don’t meet so much!

In today’s HT Bethany Nolan reports that the MCCSC School Board will reduce their public meetings to once a month, down from twice.  Throughout it seems clear that this is the decision of the new Superintendent Judy DeMuth, who I will call Super J from now on.

This is intriguing, as I always thought that the school board, elected by you and me to monitor and manage how our schools are operated, called out the dance card for the Super.

I have written to the Asst to the Super J to get access to the Policies handbook for the Board. It’s linked on the MCCSC site but I can’t get the PDF to link to the appropriate embedded file designations. I’ve also written to Ms. Nolan to try to get some clarification on the procedure and who’s “really” in charge.

The Errant is interested in the questions not asked…so we ask them!  More to come!


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