While with family this week I discovered what most of us probably need to remember from our childhood: We begin to form ourselves in opposition to our surroundings.  We test limits, we challenge authority, we mean by actively BEING in every moment, by being agent.

We do this, we did this, by saying, “NO!” primarily.

Perhaps this is the right time to say NO as we still have a chance.  Pepper spray will turn more lethal in the near future unless enough of us say “NO!” in enough ways to make a difference.

Say NO to everything you think is expected of you in your social environment.  Primarily say NO to your institutions.  Say NO to the ways your life is being managed.

We often say, “don’t tell me what to do” when other suggest a way to be or act.  Who are you to tell me how to behave, how to raise my child, etc.

We have perhaps lost the political and social awareness of the fact that every action we take is normally “approved” by our environment in a way that it is not so much an independent or free choice, it is a managed option.  You see the movies on offer; those movies privilege a way of thinking about life.  You watch TV and TV is a vehicle for advertising.  That is why it exists in the form it does.  You are inundated with messages of what to do and how to act every day…None of this may represent who you once thought you were.  It is your managed social assent to the way the owners prefer you are.


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