Brain Extravaganza

brainPlans for a community project called the Brain Extravaganza, involving the temporary installation of at least 12 5-foot-tall, three-dimensional brain displays in Bloomington, are progressing….

Each brain display will cost $3,200 to produce, and each sponsor’s name will be included on a plaque on the base of the displays — which would be in public view for several months next year.


“Imagine brains all over town, connecting our community through appreciation of this beautiful organ,” she said.


Hey, if you’re considering funding this, why not take that money and buy 3 “thousand dollar cars.”  Seems the same kind of value. Or better yet, fund a relief program for flood victims, or purchase food for Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

Or maybe we could have temporary installations telling us about the famine in Somalia and the other countries in the Horn of Africa. Each station could detail a facet of how that famine came about.  There would be one dedicated to the US puppet government in Somalia and the drone strikes being inflicted on the country now. One could be dedicated to climate change as this is the worst drought in 100 years or more, another could be dedicated to agribusiness politics and lobbying by Cargill

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. Lastly, one might be dedicated to the effects of malnutrition on BRAIN development.

In other words, maybe folks with cash to burn might help the rest of us understand our world as we act within it, rather than marvel at the organ that our rulers have confused and manipulated for centuries.

I’ll turn my stupid brain into a gateway
Meet me in the place where life comes to get away

Back inside my body I pick up the pieces,
Count up my friends and welcome another day
Damn that stupid brain

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  1. phokos July 27, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    These sort of displays have become popular since the Cows on Parade in Chicago years ago. If it benefits some charity and increases awareness for some charitable foundation or issue (Alzheimer’s, what have you) then I don’t see the harm. Not sure from your post if that is the point of if it’s “art” for art’s sake.
    If it’s “art” then I think the money could be spent in better ways, as you point out.
    Not that I am against art for art’s sake but it’s one thing to showcase artists and another to have business sponsor something in the name of “art”.
    Our community did something like this a few years ago in response to a local tragedy and raised funds for a scholarship. It worked well and it was fun to travel around town looking for the artworks. All the proceeds went to the scholarship fund.

    1. dpopp July 29, 2011 at 11:30 am

      Can we at least make them shiny like the Chicago Kapor Bean sculpture?

      1. dstorm July 29, 2011 at 1:16 pm

        There’s a part of me that is almost “anti-liberal” about these kinds of things. I just think this is asinine on its face. What are they DOING? It’s a vanity project to what purpose? Hey, you’ve got a brain and it looks like this and it’s amazing! Did you know cows and dogs and dolphins have brains too? And monkeys and whales and cats and bats…I can see the Dr. Seuss spin-off now.

        That there is “will” and “power” to make this kind of crap happen, while the truly destitute live meal to meal, while children starve, while neighbors lose their homes, is maddening.

        I would promote displays that show how our knowledge of the brain is used to manipulate all aspects of society. We are a giant experiment in positive reinforcement (reverse totalitarianism). What does brain research tell us about that?

  2. dpopp July 29, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    As long as I don’t pay for the damn things. Limestone would be nice.


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