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Weighing Capital Intent in Public Systems

slave ship 1881

From the Herald Times of Bloomington, IN. Letter: Voucher programs LETTERS October 26, 2011 To the editor: Recently the Chamber of Commerce hosted an education forum that will showcase the aggressive policies of profiteering implemented by the state government and promoted by the Indiana Superintendent for Public Instruction, Tony Bennett. Note that “Instruction” is not […]

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New After School Program Should Be Full Day Model

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This is a “local” post, but don’t dismiss it–think how it might apply to the schools in your community. What follows is, in full, an article from today’s Herald Times intended to “color in” some new education policy details and effects in the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC).  It is a sunny report titled, […]

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Tony Bennett’s Barbarians of Profit Breach the Walls of Public Institutions

cracked fortress wall

Yesterday the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce hosted a kind of dog and pony show they called an Education Forum that featured the salesmanship of one Tony Bennett (aka T.B. Sheets*), Indiana’s Minister of Public Deception.  Others involved were two local Superintendents (who carry water for the elephants) and an IU policy researcher.  The local paper […]

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Errant Eye 8/28: Battle for Most Corrupt – ExxonMobil, Dick Cheney and IU’s Haydn Murray

pollution from smoke stacks

Title Correction: “Haydn White” should be “Haydn Murray”. (Update to #6 below) This morning’s news round-up from the across the Web: 1) One can only hope Dick Cheney travels outside of the country and is detained by a country who believes in laws and treaty agreements.  Cheney has not only committed every war crime in […]

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Errant Eye 8/27: Hispanics and Education – The Great Dream of a Debtor Nation

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Our local paper is chock full of less than stellar news today.  Let’s just post all that brings me way down. 1) The front page is nearly entirely committed to a murder of a 28 year-old woman and to the missing Lauren Spierer.  This is shaping up to be a great town in which to […]

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Sunday Round-up: “NO!” to National Bloviators; Local Call to Stasi Collaborators

newspaper dispenser

A few news items and editorial pieces in the HT drew the urge to comment and so instead of trying to sound the depths of one story or one topic culled from our local paper I thought I’d skate around and over several. 1. The HT has apparently decided to add “national” syndicated columnists to […]

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Vouchers as Feint–Subsidizing Free Market Ideology

card trick

Today’s HT front-page story by Bethany Nolan detailing an informational meeting about the state’s expansive voucher program is titled “School Vouchers Praised for Adding Options,” while the online edition changes its title somewhat to “School Vouchers Praised for Broadening Educational Options”.  I won’t hold Nolan responsible for the variation, though it seems a questionable practice […]

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Unrepresentative–HT Sides with GOP While Our Community Suffers

Opening the Herald Times this morning brought frustrating political and fiscal news as well as a deeply wrong-headed editorial.  Where to begin? Local Income Tax Revenue to drop in ’12: well, there’s a shocker though the City Council expressed surprise with Council member Geoff McKim saying (in what I imagine is a kind of Gomer […]

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(Lack of) Sustainability Articles in HT

carbon footprint

Today’s HT has much to recommend it, particularly as it offers many articles that focus on the issue of sustainability, notably the entire “Down to Earth” section.  The Errant applauds this and wants to highlight bits and pieces of each in an attempt to stretch and perhaps even challenge the notion presented to us as […]

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Bikes and Women

In Bloomington recently a man was run over and killed while riding his bicycle. A hit and run. It occurred […]

Interchange: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist: Michael Yates on the Working Class

AUDIO: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist With Covington Catholic High School students offering a fresh examples of the embodied ideologies […]

LeRoi and Ornette – Becoming in Time

I was listening to a PoemTalk (PennSound) about LeRoi (Amiri Baraka) Jones’s early poem “Kenyatta Listening to Mozart“ and one of […]

WFHB’s Interchange – Just a Spoonful of America

Audio: Just a Spoonful of America The title of our show, “Just a Spoonful of America – Prescribing American Studies […]

Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy (WFHB’s Interchange)

AUDIO: Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy We open with the jazz tune, “Epistrophy,” from Eric […]

WFHB’s Interchange – A Targeted Divide: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives

AUDIO: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives This is the special 90-minute finale for our series A Targeted Divide. […]