O pening the Herald Times this morning brought frustrating political and fiscal news as well as a deeply wrong-headed editorial.  Where to begin?

  • Local Income Tax Revenue to drop in ’12: well, there’s a shocker though the City Council expressed surprise with Council member Geoff McKim saying (in what I imagine is a kind of Gomer Pyle voice), “All along, everybody thought that as the economy rebounded, income tax numbers would go up.”  What rebounding economy, Geoff?  Maybe he was thinking about IU Administration Salaries as our “local economy”–but those folks have had constant tax cuts since George the 2nd intentionally wasted the Clinton surplus.  (A pattern?)
  • And speaking of surplus–Indiana Monarch-in-Waiting (according to all local politicos) Mike Pence announces that he will work to cut taxes when he becomes King of Indiana (another shocker).  The Reveal: “Pence said the state’s budget surplus should pay for most of those tax cuts initially. He said after that economic growth would replenish the state’s coffers.”  So, Mitch cuts our education budget (and instigates the biggest voucher program in the country–an Errant post to come) in order to give the heir-apparent a surplus to “pay for” cutting taxes.  Hey, do you see how well economic growth has replenished our national surplus the G2 decimated?  Maybe Indiana will begin some illegal wars too–look out for drone strikes against gays in California and against those freedom-hating, migrant-worker-lovers in Vermont!
  • Really, Indiana, we’re going to “elect” this guy, our Lone Ranger of Degrade and Defund Politics who authored the bill to axe Planned Parenthood dollars–a guy hasn’t met a government social program that shouldn’t be cut?  (Notice these guys only cut social programs and taxes as it was their true calling?)
  • Emergency Food Programs will receive 24% fewer dollars this year.  The paper doesn’t explain why this Federal funding was cut but details how the community will be affected.  It does tell us that this program has been cutting an average of nearly 40% nationwide.  Kudos GOP!  Starve your communities, defund your libraries and local health services.  Is this not class war?  No Republicans are starving homeless losers, right?  Those folks would surely vote Democrat!
  • But hey, the city is funding some arts programs with matching grants.  Here’s an idea for local artists and businesses interested in these funds: edible art!  How else are the “disadvantaged” going to feed themselves and their children?
  • Finally, the HT Editorial Opinion on the Showdown at the Debt Corral.  The Errant has already weighed inon this INTENTIONAL travesty of “representative” government (only in America, so it’s said, a great country).  Perhaps it was the Editorial Board’s goal to stand against claims of “liberal” bias in the press but it out and out praised the ridiculous Todd Young, saying that he made the “right call” and letting Young’s words be theirs: “He didn’t like the bill, he said, but he didn’t let that stop him from siding with the American people…”  They then chastise the “no” voters for “risking” calamity.  Where can we find some information about how Americans really feel about the debt ceiling fiasco?  Why, a news organization perhaps?

The debt ceiling manufactured hysteria–what does it distract us from?  Gutting social programs.  Plain and simple.

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