Arts Interchange – This Little Mayberry: Will Johnson’s Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm

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Our show is “This Little Mayberry” and my guest is singer-songwriter and painter Will Johnson. Johnson might be best known as the lead singer of Centro-Matic which disbanded at the end of 2014. But he’s also the leader of South San Gabriel which persists and contains the same musicians. Today we discuss the ways the bands and the styles (including Will Johnson performing under his own name) represent “personalities” and can often be heard “in conversation” on the 2017 Will Johnson album Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm. We’ve opened with “Every Single Day of Late” – the second track off that album (and a “Centro-matic” personality).

Back in April of this year Will Johnson came through Bloomington for a Living Room show and joined me in the WFHB studios for a brief chat about Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm. Which is to say, I asked him to speak about an “old album” which was new to me just as he was finishing a new album to be released in September.

Well, it’s September and once again Will Johnson is in Bloomington to support that latest album which is called Wire Mountain and will be released by Keeled Scales. Johnson will be downtown at Landlocked Music, at 115 S. Walnut, on Tuesday, September 10th, from 6 to 8 pm.

“Every Single Day of Late”
“Fidgeting Wildly”
“Childress to Ogden”
“Ruby Shameless”
“Hey-O, Hi-O”
“Filled with a Falcon’s Dreams”

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