By Metaphor Alone

Motivation matters. If the scientific method (which we make into the massive all-encompassing abstraction of SCIENCE to compete with the millennia-eating abstraction GOD)…if the scientific method is a metaphor premising failure (we do not know and what we discover leads to a failure of knowing…the infinite is unknowable, the Nothing that came before is unknowable) then “enlightenment-humans” (this era is not yet “post” and “modernism” is only a subset of suffering) have misunderstood that premise and the function of metaphor. Motivation matters. In a world-ordering machine called capitalism, which is simply another term in which MIGHT is valorized yet disguised, SCIENCE only matters when applicable to conquest (which subsumes making and selling). That is, when it is the GOD you serve. Motivation matters. To discover your ignorance matters. We serve at the feet of Power which turns error into truth just long enough to serve Conquest. Your ignorance and your grasp of the totality (the ALL as unknowable) AS metaphor can strengthen you or frighten you. If frightened you are readily conquered and co-opted by the Makers–homo economicus.

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