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(UPDATE: In an interview with Broward/Palm Beach New Times’ Lisa Rab, Frank Biden responded to the Doug Martin article below concerning Biden’s tax debts.  Rab writes the following:

Meanwhile, the vice president’s brother also cleared up a mystery about a federal tax lien filed against him in Kentucky. The $32,500 in unpaid income taxes are from 2003 to 2005, a time when Biden says he was still struggling with alcohol addiction. Now, he says, he pays off the debt in monthly installments. “That will be paid within a year,” he says.)

NEWS FLASH: VP Biden’s Brother Frank Has an IRS Problem

By Doug Martin*

In his role as president of the for-profit charter school company, Mavericks in Education Florida, Francis W. Biden is paid with taxpayer money.  Yet, according to records, Frank Biden owes the IRS $32,513.57 in unpaid income taxes for the years 2003 to 2005.**

According to Form 668 (Y) (c), the IRS began taking action in late 2007 and early 2008 against Biden.

The newest order against the VP’s brother was signed on May 1, 2009, in Detroit, Michigan, and filed with the court clerk in Jefferson County, Kentucky, where Frank was a “Major Gifts Officer” for the Louisville Hand in Hand Ministries.

Now in Florida, in an attempt to expand their charter school enterprise, Biden and other Mavericks in Education members have donated campaign funds to at least one county’s school board,  despite low standards, non accreditation,  and two lawsuits alleging the school does not offer legitimate diplomas.

Biden has been working for the for-profit charter school outfit for several years, but his name did not appear*** on Mavericks’ state documents until December 5, 2011, after New Times’ Lisa Rab and others questioned the matter.

Biden blamed legal battles with Mavericks’ former CEO as the cause of the delay, but Biden’s IRS problem may be a more reasonable answer.

Since a federal tax lien “attaches to a taxpayer’s wages” and property, Biden may be willingly keeping his name off of as many documents as possible.


*  This is the newest installment of Doug Martin’s peek into the financial records of for-profit charter school operators in Florida.  You can find his first article on Mavericks in Education Florida here, and his report on Academica at this link.)

**  According to Kentucky records, Biden has not been released from his obligations to the IRS.  To examine these records, go to the Jefferson County clerk’s “Online Records,” search by party name, and type in Biden, Francis. When Biden’s record appears, merely click on the “Info” link.  The “Info” page will show that the lien has not been “Released.” In other words, the bill has not been paid  in full.  In order for the IRS to grant a certificate of release on a federal tax lien, all money due, including the recording office fee, must be paid.

At the Kentucky clerk’s website, you can also download the IRS report in PDF once you find Biden’s record.  Simply click on the “View” button.

*** Biden also advertises himself as president and founder of Cygnus International LLC, but his name does not appear on any of the Cygnus companies’ documents registered in the state of Florida.

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A Walt Whitman scholar, Doug Martin is the author of the upcoming Hoosier School Heist to be published this year by Brooks Publications. His teaching experience has covered K-graduate school. His exposures of corporate education reform have appeared or been referenced in Diane Ravitch's Blog, Washington Post Answer Sheet blog, the Associated Press, Schools Matter, Parents Across America blog, Charter School Scandals, Susan Ohanian's Testing Atrocities and Outrages, @ The Chalk Face, The Huntington Teacher,, Peg with Pen, the NPR/State Impact Florida, NPR/State Impact Indiana, the Pulp (Broward-Palm Beach New Times), Big Education Ape, School Matters (Indiana), A Teacher's Fight, Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education blog, NUVO, the Indianapolis Star, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Scathing Purple Musings, Terre Haute's Tribune Star, the Times of Northwest Indiana, the Post-Tribune,, and Firedoglake, among others. Doug currently blogs at Jim Horn's Schools Matter ( You can find more of Doug's writings at:


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