In Dark Dispersal

Copernicus-universeWhat is truer of Man’s believing
than revelation;

A complicated problem is only further complicated by being simplified. A state of confusion is never made comprehensible by being given a plot. Appearances do not deceive if there are enough of them. The truth is always laid out in an infinite number of circles tending to become, but never becoming, concentric–except occasionally in poetry.

Woman’s truth in concentration:
radiating into fruit
an antagonism to the all

contained in dark dispersal
light without beginning

Still, her vast experience of archival research led her to reflect on one issue that had not received adequate analysis: what she calls the “torrent of singularities.” Behind every case in the thousands of dossiers she consulted is a singular individual who cannot be assimilated in a general proposition, because there is always another individual whose experience will contradict it. Few historians have wrestled with this problem, because few have attempted to see patterns by examining all the lives exposed in vast stretches of documents.

night is not night without day

that is night is not night in all
that is not night at all

And while the facts are actually unfolding how could he possibly know what pattern of dependency would be established? The unknowns are more numerous than the facts which can be ascertained and verified, and every single one of these unknowns could upset the eventual conclusion. History is not a mathematical calculation, it does not possess a decimal system, a progressive enumeration of quantities amenable to the four basic operations, the solution of questions and the extraction of roots. Quantity (economic structure) turns into quality because it becomes an instrument for action in men’s hands – men whose worth is to be seen not only in terms of their weight, their size and mechanical energy they derive from their muscles and nerves, but in the fact that they have a mind, that they suffer, understand, rejoice, desire, and reject.

a word

cannot dream its nutshell
and will not, absent kingdom:

this is not unity but totality

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. Data trumps everything.”

that is to say
there is no question



[Riding, Laura,Anarchism Is Not Enough. 1928]

[from “The Good Way to Do History,” by Robert Darnton.]

[Antonio Gramsci’s note on “Utopia,” 1916-17]

[from “The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think,” The Atlantic Monthly, November 2013]

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