Losing Our Soul–Silencing Heart, Mind and Voice

If you haven’t read Doug Martin’s piece on the  planned destruction of what remains of the ethos that is Community as well as the very heart of true Charity (take some time to think about the real meaning of this word), please set to it with all speed and attention.  It is a detailed report of the excrescence of monied ulteriority, of the glad hand (not so invisible) of crony capital on display in Indiana.  This is not about learning.  It’s about the domination of the underclasses (and we are all of us the underclasses) by the few who plan to grow their money and power and those who serve as handmaidens to them by groveling after their dirty cash.  What profiteth a man indeed (Mark 8:36).

As an addendum to Doug’s unassailable investigation of the way the plan to destroy the Indianapolis Project School was managed and acted upon and lied about we offer an example of what is being lost.

This song of praise from a student of the Project School will serve as elegy.  The heart below sings in stark and very lonely contrast to the hordes screeching out battle hymns of might and victory.

Listen closely.  This is human, this is caring, this is community, this is learning, this is the growth of the human soul.  Heart, mind, and voice, together.  This is the true gain in becoming fully human within a community of charity.  It’s loss is the greatest sorrow.  Not to preserve this is a deep failure.  Sadly, that failure must be counted as peculiarly and particularly American.

Heart Mind Voice… Now that’s something that you won’t see in every school. The Project School, isn’t an ordinary name for a school either! But I tell you what, this school is a pure miracle

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. It’s project base curriculum instantly intrigued my desire to be an activist, and journalist.

This has been the first year at the project school and I instantly bonded with all of my teachers and peers. Every single person at the school is respected and appreciated equally. Isn’t that awesome!! Tell me where you find that at another school? Right. You don’t find that just anywhere! I know this is crazy, and you probably haven’t heard a kid say this, but school isn’t all about test scores! You don’t go to school just to pass the ISTEP. No! Kids go to school to learn about communication, development, discipline, and of course your basic subjects. Yet, that should not be examined by how you score on a test.

The Project School’s students are just as smart if not smarter then any other kid at IPS. Just because we don’t score like them in ISTEP doesn’t mean we don’t know all that they know. If you are claiming that TPS doesn’t teach their students well enough you obviously haven’t spoken to any of the kids there.

Because of The Project School I have learned how to be a leader! I have read to numerous 1st and 2nd graders, as well as been the President of the drama club. I have helped my writing teacher (Mr. Tim) lead a poetry slam, and even helped some of the other kids in class with a few math problems. The majority if not all TPS students can say the same.

I have grown so much more this past year than I have the past 3 years, just due to The Project School. I know every single teacher in TPS, and almost all of the students. When I walk down the hall everyone is saying hello and greeting each other with smiles and laughter. Every morning I would come in and teachers have huge smiles on their faces ready to teach and learn as well! At The Project School I have written over 20 different books, and 2 novels (each novel in one month) all by myself. Thanks to my amazing principle and the help of many others me and 10 other students traveled (in a car) to Colorado and climbed 2 mountains, as well as hiking many treacherous trails.

Now, all these things can’t be calculated by numbers and put into a percentage, but we have grown so much through all of these experiences that TPS has provided. I am one out of many students hoping to attend The Project School for the 2012-13 school year. I love TPS and everyone in it. If my school is shut down you’re not just hurting me, but a whole community.

Thank you, Izzy.

“Let them be ashamed and confounded together that seek after my soul to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.”  Psalms, 40:14.  Let’s be sure that those who proclaim their righteousness hear and know Izzy’s song.  Ask them why they withhold their “tender mercies.”  If they do not speak honestly and truly, let them be ashamed.

Please sign the petition to “Save The Project School.”

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Project School via Facebook

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