blue eyeWestern Mind is dominated by the Visual.  Tech is Visual.

Current School Reform is Technological.

Educational Technology is Visual.

Educational Technology is a Product.

The product is digital electronic.

It is a capital production.

It has production and consumption as motivation.

Learning is irrelevant but that students learn production and consumption of the digital-technological-visual.

Production of MIND via production of educational technology is quantifiable as process outcome.

Visual Tech Mind is a product of Educational Technology is a product of Visual Mind Tech.

Reform is technological.

Learning in this paradigm is a visual fundamentalism.

It is single sensory and so anemic as an ideal for species strength.

Ed tech, Visual Mind is all eggs, one egg, in one basket.

Facing the apocalyptic future of ecological collapse this is unintelligent.

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Douglas Storm is a host and producer for Interchange on Bloomington, Indiana's community radio station WFHB. "Why then do you try to 'enlarge' your mind? Subtilize it..."

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