D erivatives and Drones–are they distinguishable?

Anti-Empathy Education focused on screened presence.

CEO and CIA: Barker and Huckster at home and abroad.

Institutions of Debt Creation insulate consequences from those who make them happen.  Absolution by distance.

Look, a keystroke destroys communities in Jefferson County, Alabama and Shabwa Province, Yemen.

More similar than distinct: Moguls of Money and Murder ascend, in our upside-down Jerusalem, by making a killing.

This is what our culture inculcates.  This is our American Heritage; this our bequest and devise.

Listen to how these actions in the ether are termed “instruments.”


photo credit: Carlos Javier Ortiz

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Douglas Storm is a host and producer for Interchange on Bloomington, Indiana's community radio station WFHB. "Why then do you try to 'enlarge' your mind? Subtilize it..."

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