Moments of Execution

Civilian Exclusion 1942 to present

It has been pointed out that the US economy is bogged down with corporatism’s replication of middle management.  We lay off actual workers and rescind public programs in order to find more ways to pay the managers with their upper level degrees.  (How wonderful that we want to make more of them, convincing all citizens by national propaganda from the head cheese that you can’t make it without a college degree!)

Our economy is crashing under the weight of paying non-producing managers way too much (anything at all is too much) while we pass laws that encourage companies to pay lower wages and offer fewer worker protections.

If you live in Indiana and have eyes and ears you know this, or at least you know about the “hate the worker/poor/brown people laws” and the “love the privatized-religious eduprofiteers” laws.

So, growth industries…law enforcement, prison systems, public education destruction and its corollary education management operators, mercenary military (see the world! and New Orleans, and Dallas, and Phoenix, and attend the Super Bowl in Indianapolis ).

Trending White Hate at a White Heat pace.

Hate is the new Black…er, Black is the old and new Hate…Brown is the new Hate…er, Muslims are Brown and Black, right?  Hate is the new/old Hate.  It’s hard to believe anyone thinks that “god is love,” cuz if he is he’s a very minor deity in our pantheon of divine tyrants.

Why not peruse a few of these links to discover some awful truths–I mean these are things that really need hating after all, not people, not neighbors (that’s one locus of real love and biblical too, right)?

FreakOut Nation offers a list of those Senators and House members who DID NOT vote for our spate of hate laws (NDAA and Patriot Act).  The list is shocking in its brevity.  And though I like so many of us these days bemoan the “single party” (Corporate) nation–one sees almost only “D” behind the names of these representatives.

The Only Senators & Congress persons who never supported the Patriot Act and NDAA

Indiana–all haters but one, House member Dan Burton who will retire this year.*

Here’s a piece that shows you how ingenious boys with law degrees and middle manager political ambition can be.  From Translation Exercises, “Homophobic Harassment, Self-Deportation, and Surveillance.”

A few days ago, I was listening to a story on This American Life (#456, Reap What You Sow) about the concerted campaign to induce undocumented migrants across the country, but especially in Alabama, to self-deport. Reporter Jack Hitt discussed the strategies of Secretary of State of Kansas, Kris Koback, to induce “self-deportation.” Koback is considered the “mastermind” of “attrition through enforcement” throughout the country. Kobach is also the proud creator of the National Security Entry-Exit System (NSEERS), which is based on a number of legal precedents including laws (pdf) used to detain and hold citizens and migrants of Japanese descent during the second World War. According to a 2004 report on Special Registration by the Asian-American Legal Defense, through NSEERS, the Bush Administration rounded up over 82,000 Muslim men in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks; over 13,000 were put in deportation proceedings.  After that wildly successful anti-immigration maneuver, Koback turned his crafty mind and overpriced education to other issues:  he has helped author the anti-immigrant legislation in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, and Alabama’s HB 56. He so modestly describes himself as helping states “restore the rule of law.”

Two things to keep in mind: first, the restoration of the “rule of law” doesn’t involve punishing Goldman Sachs or Lehman Bros. investment bankers for squandering away the pensions of career pipefitters, teachers, and nurses, nor lobbying President Obama to cut off their “bailout” bonuses. Rather, it involves the creation of laws that pivot on the intersection of citizenship and surveillance.

Please read the whole thing.

What the above does well is illustrate Arthur Silber’s point that the Government has the power and will to do anything and everything it wants at all times.  He makes these points constantly and you really will learn so much from even just skimming his site.  From a 2008 piece, “No One Is Safe: The Ruling Class Unleashed” Silber makes the single point that can be applied to all “battlefields” (ie, anywhere the government wants to control you, beat you, incarcerate you, take your money, murder you, listen to you, etc.) covered by empire (um, that’s all of it now, Internetters):

The fact that every aspect of our lives is regulated, directed and controlled has a further result, one of the most dangerous of all: If someone in government decides to go after you, he has an endless array of weapons from which to choose. Even if you emerge from the battle with your life largely intact, anyone in government who wishes to do so can turn your life into hell for years on end, even for decades. It may all begin with some pathetic bureaucrat in a cramped, stifling cubicle. Perhaps someone cut him off in traffic that morning; perhaps he had a fight at home the night before. Perhaps he’s just a rotten human being. He happens to come across your name on some document, and he thinks: “I know: I’ll go after him. That could be fun.” And your life is destroyed.

I will warn you now though.  Dancing around at Silber’s site is like partnering in a tango with a spiraling vortex of truth that cannot be countered.  Well, I suppose you could but you’d be wrong.

I was recently among some guys chatting about Superbowl merchandise (and merchandise at “shows” generally) and the ways that law enforcement co-opts citizens to aid in their cracking down on the “evil” that is “piracy.” Piracy may be the only truly subversive act in this country (and the only one property even cares about)–say all you want but don’t try to use a TM phrase while you’re doing it.  Silber speaks on that too in “The Law is a Lie.”

Behold the triumph of the law-worshippers! Sixteen sites were illegally streaming sports events. Two hundred ninety-one website domain names were illegally used to sell and distribute counterfeit merchandise. (As for seizing and shutting down all these websites — even though SOPA/PIPA are now obliteratedexposed as profoundly dangerous and authoritarian postponed and, in any case, essentially irrelevanttold ya. And I told ya before the Megaupload story broke. Yes, God is my bunkmate. Fantastic sex. And He always wants it.)

The targets were bad people engaged in illegal activities. The law-worshippers tell us that is the beginning and end of the argument. All right, perhaps they weren’t bad people, at least not altogether

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. But they were certainly doing bad things. Illegal means bad according to these religious rites.

I’m kind of sorry I started this as I don’t know how to stop.  I’ll quote Adam Smith against the masters (his word) and the setting, and undercutting, of wage rates–again, though the ostensible subject can be altered without effect.  This is Master SOP in all areas of control.  As Ralston Saul notes in “The Unconscious Civilization” (and Chomsky too everywhere in his work), this is Adam Smith, not Karl Marx.

Masters are always and everywhere in a sort of tacit, but constant and uniform, combination, not to raise the wages of labour above their actual rate.  To violate this combination is everywhere a most unpopular action, and a sort of reproach to a master among his neighbours and equals.  We seldom, indeed, hear of this combination, because it is the usual, and one may say, the natural state of things…Masters, too, sometimes enter into particular combinations to sink the wages of labour even below this rate.  These are always conducted with the utmost silence and secrecy, till the moment of execution…(Wealth of Nations, 169)

We are in an age of continual “moments of execution.”

*This reflects a correction from the earlier statement that no one in Indiana had voted against said legislation.

Photo Credit: Jon Voss

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  1. Anon February 4, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Thanks for posting this, Doug. Though, as you said it’s hard to stop once your start down any of these paths! In considering this after you post yesterday about the religious right, it is even more abhorrently clear how this country is not progressive. We’re fed lies about America as a melting pot – why? Melting pot, as in you will be melted into the milk chocolatey pool if you’re not white and rich?

  2. Anon February 4, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Oh, one more thing…there was ONE lone representative from Indiana that never supported the Patriot Act or NDAA.

    1. Douglas Storm February 4, 2012 at 11:02 am

      thanks, Anon, I will correct!


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