Parent Revolution: Not Your Parents, Not a Revolution

Hedged In (or out?)


Once again, ISTA’s Nate Schnellenberger wishy-washes around fighting off the Indiana corporate school reformers, this time in response to the fake parent trigger bill.  Nate says “We think that it should be 51 percent of the parents and teachers and educators should have a say.” Nate, the parent trigger is a scam and is anti-parent, anti-teacher, and anti-student.  It is about turning the public schools over to for-profit companies who will steal our tax-dollars and fire our teachers, and this fake movement is being funded by the top 1%. No real parents are involved

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. People need to know this, so when the paper gives you a microphone, start stepping on some toes and calling it what it is.

To support the “parent trigger,” the oligarchs and Stand for Children (and hedge funds) have recruited the astroturf Parent Revolution to Indiana, and this is bad news.

If you haven’t heard about the billionaire-funded Parent Revolution, read these Robert D. Skeels pieces, pass them on to Nate and tell him to quote from them next time (if there is a next time). I’d pass them on myself, but after emailing the ISTA for several months last year about various Indiana corporate school corruptions and never getting any response from them, and seeing that they never used any of my research, I no longer waste my time, even though I am often accused of getting a paycheck from the union.

Maybe Ed Eiler should run the ISTA.  As Dan Bangert has finally noticed, Ed’s powerpoint presentation on the corporate school movement is spot-on, and he’s not afraid to shake a big stick at the wealthy TFA scab workers or offend any of those carrying cocktails for the billionaire boys and girls.


As coach Bennett joins basketball star Jalen Rose to sell the corporate school agenda in Michigan, in her new article Karen Francisco at the Journal Gazette details the fight for the public to find out who is paying for Tony Bennett’s gigs and gets a quote from Diane Ravitch, too. Read about how the Indiana Department of Education doesn’t want you to know about Bennett’s travel costs.


In Florida, several lawmakers operate their own charter schools, have relatives who do, or have been employed by the charter school operators. In his new piece, Bob Sikes lashes out at the hypocrisy of a new bill being proposed for lawmakers who work at universities. It’s just a matter of time before Indiana becomes as corrupt as Florida. I can see the bus ads now: Mitch Daniels/Kevin Chavous/Dred Scott School of Finance, Brian Bosma Crony Business Academy, Phil Boots Stop N Shop School of Crawfordsville for the At-Risk, Bruce Borders/Elvis Presley Academy Prep School of Music Business. It’s only going to get worse folks!

Photo Credit: Susan Simon

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