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Whose Killer-in-Chief?

Does your tribe trust the killer-in-chief? From Gawker…go there, watch the video, and, if you please, come back. Ask the DNC: Is Romney Ready for the Kill List? John Cook As you may have heard last night, Osama bin Laden is dead, has perished from the earth, is at the bottom of the sea, and […]

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Addendum: Intruding Quantification Where It Has No Place

The question of whether politics can in fact be studied like the natural sciences is bewildering; it involves questions of free will and determinism, the nature of human action as distinct from animal behavior, the limits to predictability in the field of human affairs, and the limits to the possible understanding of events and institutions […]

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Studied Corruption

For some weeks (months?) my mind has not been very focused.   Rather, perhaps, I do not know how to speak of a right or a wrong when they are so plainly intermixed in our dailiness.  No solid ground, Karl (all that is solid melts into air). But I feel a tug to come here and […]

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Calling the Police or Pointing the Gun

Or, If your white and wealthy, do both.  Then call your lawyer. Political Science Prof Corey Robin, author of The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin, on C-SPAN’s After Words with S.E. Cupp. Worth the time. If SE Cupp is a conservative then Edmund Burke is not. Reactionary is interesting.  The reactionary mind […]

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A Society Which Ought Not To Exist

“Society ought not to exist, if not for the benefit of the whole. It is and must be against the law of nature, if it exist for the benefit of the few and for the misery of the many. I say, then, distinctly, that a society, in which the common labourer, with common health and […]

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Out of State Campaign Contributions

Out of State Campaign Contributions

Here is one problem among many. Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett’s latest large contribution report is for a $25,000 contribution from hedge-fund operator Daniel S. Loeb, 15 Central Park West in New York City. So, what do we say about selling elections?  Do you think a hedge-funder has “interest” in Indiana that includes […]

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United in Dissent: A Platform Against Corporate Technocracy

This is a skeleton key.  Please use it; if for nothing else but to open up to this author the errors of his thinking.  It is a beginning, but in urgency. “Going Local” is an idea with its heart in the right place but with its practice in the wrong field.  We will not move […]

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Betrayal Merits the Deepest Pit: John Gregg Supported by Corporate Ed Reform Funders

Doug Martin offers an open letter to Indiana gubernatorial candidate John Gregg.  Calling himself a democrat–what we might now call the Secular Corporate Party if we’re trying to “define terms” (for you bobby v)–Gregg is apparently only the puppet in place to suck up whatever votes Mike Pence won’t get.  I mean elections have to […]

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The Flavors of Our Mindless Totality

Okay, here’s what we now have for political parties.  I base this on the two things I’m most aware of: the privatization movement in education (long-standing but now on the brink of take-over) and our finally open acknowledgement that we are a War & Terror State. We now have a Corporate Party with a fundamentalist […]

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Parent Revolution: Not Your Parents, Not a Revolution

INDIANA CORPORATE SCHOOL UPDATES FOR JANUARY 22, 2012 Once again, ISTA’s Nate Schnellenberger wishy-washes around fighting off the Indiana corporate school reformers, this time in response to the fake parent trigger bill.  Nate says “We think that it should be 51 percent of the parents and teachers and educators should have a say.” Nate, the parent trigger […]

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Interchange: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist: Michael Yates on the Working Class

AUDIO: The Future Cannot Be Capitalist With Covington Catholic High School students offering a fresh examples of the embodied ideologies […]

LeRoi and Ornette – Becoming in Time

I was listening to a PoemTalk (PennSound) about LeRoi (Amiri Baraka) Jones’s early poem “Kenyatta Listening to Mozart“ and one of […]

WFHB’s Interchange – Just a Spoonful of America

Audio: Just a Spoonful of America The title of our show, “Just a Spoonful of America – Prescribing American Studies […]

Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy (WFHB’s Interchange)

AUDIO: Luis Buñuel’s The Young One: Anatomy of White Male Supremacy We open with the jazz tune, “Epistrophy,” from Eric […]

WFHB’s Interchange – A Targeted Divide: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives

AUDIO: What Bullets do to Bodies and Lives This is the special 90-minute finale for our series A Targeted Divide. […]

WFHB’s Interchange – A Targeted Divide: Crime, Decline, and the Rise of the Citizen-Protector

AUDIO: Crime, Decline, and the Rise of the Citizen Protector For our second show in our three-part series, A Targeted […]