Why Do We Honor Erasure?

hand on guitar neckAs the days advance and we continue down the same path using the tried and true manipulations of espousing freedom, liberty and choice I have come to despair.

I can do nothing.  The world of the human has always been bought and sold.

What is left to me is to decide in what way I want to live and by familial extension, the way I want my children to live.

But in me is the mind that wants to extend this further to other children and other families–to offer a way of living that seems best to me.

You’re right to say that this is a presumption that I have no right to.  Agreed, but then neither do all the others who are managing our lives.  They do, they command, we follow without thought.  Dissidents are few and even their screams can be used to suit the status quo.

There is the rabble and the king; between these are the patricians and the tribunes.  It is as it ever was.  By why should it be?

If I admit to powerlessness in the greater scheme, can I have some influence in the lesser?

I ask within the framework of municipalities and schools.  How can I counter the prevailing ways?

One tires of the discussion, of being confronted with extant “realities,” and this is counted on.

What sustains a life these days?  What makes the human more than animal?  What makes the human less than animal?

We cannot be alone.  Why not? Fear?  We have been unmade by the technological fruits of discovery.  We are less capable than ever before and because of this we require protection and domination.

We need constant distraction from realizing this failure was created and continues to a purpose.  Our economy requires distraction; requires dissatisfaction; requires our hunger be filled with waste.  It is the least nutritious food.

You can see that our intellectual sustenance, our artistic sustenance now mimics our daily ingestion of useless foodstuffs.  We are hollowed out in order to be more readily filled, in order to yearn for very specific things, over and over again.  To find the external excitation enough, until it is not, and then to seek it again.

We must resist this.

We need art, we need music, we need play, games without organized external management.  We need these from infancy.  We need these to grow within us so that we can make them stronger on our own and then to share them with others in order to start the process again.

Art understands the beginning and the ending; it does this by being beautifully ephemeral, it admits to passage.  It will not last.  It makes meaning in the moment of creation, in the process, and then in the moment of apprehension and appreciation.  It exists “as is” and cannot do anything except wait for a participant to make it live.  It is unique yet universal.

All learning must be apprehended as art.  With an acceptance of ending.  Without the knowledge of ending there is no true beauty

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A philosopher said that only music could allay suffering and all of living was suffering.

We see the world around us quite clearly suffering because some humans will it.  We see the world suffer at the hands of abstraction made action.  We see the world suffer the ruling ideology of the few.  These are people who believe life is to be overcome and order is their provenance.  These are makers and doers.   These are the fallen who believe delusions of permanence.  These are those among us who privilege the “I” above the “We”.  These are the murderers for the sake of making things better.  These are the engineers of purity.  Truly they are not the blessed.

By serving the Ever-new they serve the killing erasure of what is oldest and most elemental in us.  These are the priests of the future.

We cannot ever make beauty by serving the future; the future is filled with desperation.

We must play a note in present, it vibrates ever out, but that vibration is always now.  Our knowledge is our past; our music is our now.  We honor our human genius, the genius shared by all of us, by transmitting to all of us this history of making song.

What do we praise in song?  Even if we believe we can go beyond our peers and our past to make something new or different we must still honor our past creations.  Even if we believe in a kind of competition that is musical, we only make more music in this competition.

We do not honor domination and violence if we choose to honor art.  Art is inspiration and aspiration in the service of both individual ideas of beauty and communal ideas of beauty.

Why not create this for ALL?


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  1. S.S. November 26, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Can’t we create this for all, well, for ourselves? Can’t we choose to live artistic, creative lives and free ourselves from any perception of quantitative being otherwise? Beauty/life is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe there are things “above” me that I can’t control, but I can control my daily activities, seeking to fill myself up with these artistic endeavors that create a real sense of purpose and joy. It really doesn’t matter to me who else follows suit; I’m sure I will find like-minded individuals out there with similar aims and beliefs.

    As for the rest of them, I’m uninterested in thinking much about them unless I have to.

    1. Douglas Storm November 26, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      Sure, but as our social community becomes more restrictive or perhaps limits what we might pursue by diminishing a shared value we are left with fewer options to pursue and perhaps less ability to even understand certain things as beautiful or artistic. We cultivate our fields even if we imagine them teeming with natural life that is beautiful. The human seems as susceptible to the kudzu as our native landscapes.


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