Toady #2: Greg Forster, Friedman Fellow

Because I linked to Walmart scholar JayZee Greene’s blog their blog program picks it up and sticks it into the particular post’s comments thread.

Toady #2, as I characterized him in the post, Greg Forster, replied to the Errant’s post:

Greg Forster says:

Drop whatever you’re doing and click on this link right now. This made my day like nothing has made my day in a lot of days. Apparently the people who were shouted down and hounded from the room were “coercive” and refused to “listen,” while the people who shouted them down and hounded them from the room were (I kid you not) “the height of civil discourse.”

Responding to my comment, referring to me as “Toady #2″ to Matt’s “Toady #1,” he writes:

It’s illustrative of his discourse that he chooses to declare this a “mob” and their mode “barbarism”. There is no way anyone can honestly define the protesters here, including an 8-year-old girl who speaks, a “mob, or “barbaric”. Rather this protest action, peaceable in every way, is the height of civil discourse. What “might” have happened next if the suits from the PEP and Common Core hadn’t scurried away? If the suits had listened. A conversation? A dialogue? A negotiation?

Personally, I think bodily harm is what might have happened to them, but I guess that’s just illustrative of my discourse.

When they make the movie version of Common Core, I want to be billed as “Toady #2.”

Can you tell me if he actually says anything in this comment?

To be clear, when I use the word “toady” in reference to both Greg Forster and Matthew Ladner I mean “sycophant”, “bootlick”, “obsequious fawner”.  You know, the way the word is defined.

Here is the page that tells you what boots are licked by Forster and Ladner: The Friedman Foundation Fellows.  It’s important to remember who pays the bills for these lackeys.

Greene licks these boots as well as those of the Walton family.  And he teaches college students to lick these boots as well.

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