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Clare’s Advice: Sink the Pequod!

Okay, so this might be a tad petty, but well, so what? On August 17th, Clare Spark of the blog YDS: The Clare Spark Blog, posted her incisive thoughts on “race relations” with the Ferguson, Missouri police murder of an unarmed Black man and the ensuing riots and militarized response by a swift and brutal […]

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Invaluable Understrappers

[UPDATED due to Clare Spark saying more about teachers unions in a post at 4:22 pm today.] One thing is for certain: Eva Moskowitz’s charter schools in Harlem have established that black and brown children can “succeed” beyond our wildest dreams if there is strong cooperation between school staff and parents, and a challenging curriculum. […]

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Cut from the Corporate Kloth–Preferring KIPP Failure Over TPS Success

NOTE:  A small section of this article originally mistook the KIPP Indy school with KIPP’s school in Gary.  This has been corrected. UPDATE: As this Doug Martin story broke, word came down that a federal judge ruled in favor of the mayor’s decision to close The Project School.  Additionally, Jason Kloth is getting a pay-raise.  […]

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Teaching as CIA Cover–Gülen Charter Schools, Dan Burton, and State Secrets

The following continues Doug Martin’s look into the Gülen charter school movement, which began with Islam and the Free Market of Privatized Education: “Friending” the Gülen Charter Schools. Besides noting U.S. charter school connections to the Fethullah Gülen Movement during her testimony in the Schmidt v. Krikorian case in Ohio on August 8, 2009,* former […]

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Libertarian Charter School Indianapolis

Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis

NOTE: This is Doug Martin’s follow-up investigation into Indianapolis charter schools.  For background on this story, please see his “Warren Buffett and Corporate School Reformers to Gentrify/Charterize Indianapolis and Other Cities.” If anyone has any inside information on Challenge Foundation Academy Indy or the Paramount  School of Excellence, briefly mentioned below, please leave comments at the […]

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Noble Charter School Network’s Taking It To The Bank

When word recently broke that Chicago’s Noble Network of Charter Schools was raking in $386,745 over the last three years by charging students fees for everything from chewing gum to not looking teachers in the eye, people were justifiably outraged. But another ingredient in Noble Network’s “secret sauce” (as Rahm Emanuel calls it) is equally […]

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Palm Beach County School Board Considering Shady Charter School Applications

What do Florida and Indiana have in common?  They are both laboratories for the New America.  Which explorer in history did the most damage to an indigenous population?  Pick any one, right?  When the pirates flying flags of national power bring their ships to shore there are three waves of massacre and erasure–1. the initial […]

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The Parent Trigger Trap

This from a piece in the the Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana) titled “Bill would give Indiana parents ability to convert schools to charters,” about the so-called “Parent Trigger.”  As a nod to my favorite local school board member (you know who you are), I wish this were about Parent Tiggers.  That would make […]

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Demetrio Perez Jr. Leading Miami-Dade School Board Race, Despite Not Running

“An educated people will always be strong and free.  The alternative is ignorance.  Ignorance will ultimately destroy us.” Jose Marti.  The 2012 Miami-Dade School Board race promises to be a close one. Not for the board members, mind you, but for the for-profit charter schools competing to buy votes to open more of their schools. […]

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Explanation and Example: Capitalist Nationalism

**Reformist consciousness was famously described by Gramsci as “dual” or “contradictory”; on the one hand accepting the permanence of the […]

Building the Insanity In: Ex Machina

This is not a movie review. This is me thinking about empathy. Last night, lonely little ol’ me sat in […]

Dislodged Giant: Can We Use Stevens to Interpret Dickinson?

You tell me. “I thought that nature was enough” by Emily Dickinson I thought that nature was enough Till Human […]

By Metaphor Alone

Motivation matters. If the scientific method (which we make into the massive all-encompassing abstraction of SCIENCE to compete with the […]

By Force of Law

Nothing new under the sun. Why do you suppose a “Sanders” presidency would change what is described below in Chapter […]

Now You Know What A Horse Is: Views On Education in the 19th Century

Schools are scenes of extreme manipulation and coercion. Our national and state interest in them is less than benign, or […]