The Flavors of Our Mindless Totality


Okay, here’s what we now have for political parties.  I base this on the two things I’m most aware of: the privatization movement in education (long-standing but now on the brink of take-over) and our finally open acknowledgement that we are a War & Terror State.

We now have a Corporate Party with a fundamentalist splinter.

The Corporate Party consists of primarily all elite politicians and the institutions that that support them: We label them Democrat and Republican but it has ceased to be a distinction with a difference.  This is the ownership class and this class works very hard to cover the only voting options.  Vote Democrat and you Vote Corporate; Vote Republican and you Vote Corporate…mostly.  The Fundamentalist splinter aligns somewhat with the Tea Party but is primarily an Authoritarian-Religious Party that wants to “focus on the white nuclear family” while it wants to restrict all your human interaction on “moral” grounds as defined by this sect.

All parties (and the splinter) support war.  Liberals and Corporations love war in kind.  Liberals want to beat all the bad guys and install their way of doing things–especially where there are very destitute peoples and babies to send money to; Corporations just want to make money from it.  I don’t believe the Libertarians are against War.  I would imagine they would support mercenary capitalism as an individual freedom.  The splinter fundamentalist group wants massive war in the Middle East, namely between anyone and Israel, in order to commence the Apocalypse/Rapture (or vice versa, I’m not sure).

An example of how the parties are indistinguishable is of course the massive bailout to fraudulent bankers and maintaining that very system of fraudulence as it goes on amassing profits while real unemployment rises.  Another is War.  Another is the Surveillance state.  I could go on, and many others have already–Greenwald in particular but also Turley and others.

Locally, we don’t often think much of war as it happens “over there” even though it’s taking all of our resources with it.  We don’t often think about the “surveillance” state either.  However, there are laws now being proposed in Indiana that would require the civil rights authorities to track student expulsions and other disciplinary matters.  Talk about Orwellian.  The Civil Affairs Office as a Police State Office.

But let’s continue with education.  In Indiana the Dems and the GOPs are on the same page.  They both approve of testing and they both are pushing for corporate privatization.  The Democratic candidate for governor John Gregg was just hailed the Democrats for Education Reform’s “reformer of the month” and the DFER group has gone on record trying to show how much more they want to sell education to corporations (with the Help of the Reformer in Chief Barack Obama and his underling, both of Chicago, Arne Duncan) than the GOP candidate Mike Pence.

The primary and likely only difference between Gregg and Pence is that Pence plays the Fundamental Card constantly.

So, we have a Corporate Party you can call R or D but that is no difference and we have a Fundamental Party that is only R.

There is NO LEFT.

There is NO CENTER.

There is only RIGHT–Secular Corporate and Religio-Corporate.

Both are, in the main, Totalitarian, being in lockstep with the Leader who directs you via the iron fist of law and soothes you with the balm of self-interest

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