Secretary Schellinger is currently a member of the Dean’s Council for IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs; board member for The International Center; and member of Governor Holcomb’s Executive Council on Cybersecurity. Schellinger has served on numerous civic boards including the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board where he led the new Stadium and Convention Center taskforce, The Archdiocese of Indianapolis Catholic Community Foundation Board, and the Super Bowl Host Committee. Schellinger is a member of AIA as well as the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Secretary Schellinger has received numerous honors and awards.  He was recognized twice with the Sagamore of the Wabash in 2004 and 2016, as a Kentucky Colonel in 2009, and received the lifetime achievement award from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis in 2011, and recently honored with the Hungarian Knights Silver Cross of Merit in June 2018.

This is a pretty good “statement” of what it means to be a creature of conflicted loyalties…

But if your life-work simply keeps you high on the ladder of patriarchal success, these are some good rungs to get you there. Please note the mix of “liberal” and “conservative” institutions – or shall we say simply that this man is a priest of the one true church?

Douglas Storm is a host and producer for Interchange on Bloomington, Indiana's community radio station WFHB. "Why then do you try to 'enlarge' your mind? Subtilize it..."

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