The Errant Goes Audible: The Custom House on WFHB

The New York Custom House
The New York Custom House

I am hosting a radio show and podcast on WFHB, community radio, in Bloomington, IN, called The Custom House that will air on Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. through August and continue as a podcast.

The first show aired June 1 and can be downloaded here: Babo’s Razor. This show is about our inability to see through our cultural “blinders” even when there’s a razor at our throats. The fiction that illustrates this for us is Melville’s novella, “Benito Cereno.” My guest was Jonathan Elmer of Indiana University.

The second show aired June 8 (has yet to be posted) and featured biographer Christoph Irmscher. We discussed his book Louis Agassiz: The Creator of American Science. In one part of our discussion Irmscher details a letter that Agassiz wrote discussing Psalm 8 saying the Psalmist’s view is in error as he did not know that the mind of the scientist would bring Man closer to realizing God in himself.

This weekend, June 15, I’ll talk with Purnima Bose (International Studies at IU) about Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. We examine the “template” of theocratic totalitarianism that lives just below the surface in America.

Much more to come including shows on photography, environmentalism (Rachel Carson), moral machines, Sylvia Plath, Robert Browning, Autobiography, Herman Melville (Hershel Parker), Hannah Arendt (Eichmann in Jerusalem), Women and the Law and much more

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