stack of newspapersTo the Editors of the Bloomington, Indiana Herald-Times (a Schurz Communications Product),

I think we must conclude that the HT is not a newspaper dedicated to anything like journalism.  Perhaps it is at best a community gossip sheet.  Please supply your own comparisons.

It has been conveyed to me on more than one occasion that the HT only focuses on “local” issues of education, local issues of governance and so on.  This “policy” allows you to ignore ALL of the state’s critical concerns that will have an effect on Bloomington’s people.

You have done zero to investigate the Bennett education take-over that will have long-lasting effects across the state (I know for a fact that the vouchers program has more than decimated the population of at least one of the MCCSC elementary schools).

You have done zero to investigate Lee Hamilton’s felonious “work” for the MEK though this is reported nationally (have you run any AP stories that mention this?).  This “leading light” of selling Americans the virtue of “compromise” (apparently meaning that one supports the highest bidder, though he never mentions this in the opinion pieces you promote for him) spoke recently at ISU.  Did he mention his paid and illegal advocacy of the MEK?

This is the truth of “democracy”–there is no voice of or for the people.  There are the highly paid advocates of power and wealth (“representatives” of such) and there are the scriveners of which the HT represents a “local” kind.

It should embarrass you if you believe in journalism at all.  Otherwise, it’s just how you get paid and Hamilton shows us that this is what is meant by compromising.


Doug Storm
Bloomington, IN

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