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What say you to the idea that we are now no more, no greater, than reductively technological as beings?  We are the “lesser than” species.  And this species does not know liberty

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Listen, an argument regarding the liberty to make certain choices: with biomedical advances we could choose the sex of our children.  If we say “yes” to this technology then we are left with the concern that so many “free choices” by so many free actors choosing a single sex can lead to an imbalance and possibly to a kind of biological disaster.  Well, then, we say, we must allow this free choice but because some outcome seems detrimental we must now create a regulation, a socially responsible “unfreedom” that will serve to manage against this outcome and so we create “sex choice” quotas wherein some may choose the gender of a child and some may not.

There should be many examples listed before I end with this assertion: A Technological Being can only be a Slave.  Technologies breed faster than bunnies and do not yield solutions but rather continually offer further complications.

When are we not slaves to the state?  Hmmm.  That’s hard one.

When I go off-line, trek to open unclaimed land, squat, and survive by nature…I am free of all but subsistence necessity.


You are surrounded by the enemy–I am using a weapon of the enemy.  I should be still and silent and sing a song that only those nearest me can hear.  Or I should crush leaves and grasses and make my own paper and write my life upon my own made thing.

photo credit: Princeton Papyri

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  1. focus May 8, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    I think the small things are the start. I walk with my iPod and music, not just with my thoughts. My radio is always on in the car. My phone is never far from me and I respond to it’s beeps like Pavlov’s dog. We have stopped enjoying the silence. Techno “noise” is all around us. I was reading an article today about the tech in hospital settings. Electronic medical records are now a requirement in hospitals and soon to be in physician offices as well. Computers, anesthesia machines, tablets, digital xrays, cell phones etc. all compete in those settings. Are they a help or a distraction?
    I rarely just sit anymore–when waiting at the dentist, the doctor, in line at the bank–why just sit when I can be distracted by reading the news on my phone, checking email, texting a friend? It has taken our contemplation and replaced it with distraction. I am guilty of it. Addictive, ubiquitous, it’s everywhere all the time.

  2. focus May 8, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    of course I have typed this on my phone which autocorrects its to it’s every time. Case in point.

    1. Douglas Storm May 8, 2012 at 3:46 pm

      well, it got one of them right at least.


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