The Unnatural Mind

typewriterThe human world is wrong.  I don’t know how to share that idea with those who disagree.  How can we not all agree on our errors?

We make stuff that has no basis for natural existence.  We make things that destroy and poison the natural world, including ourselves.

We promote systems of inequality as the “best” we can do.  We raise grain to feed to animals in order to eat their flesh and yet fail to feed the starving populations of the world.

We steal the very ground beneath the feet of other cultures and nations in order to serve our energy needs.

Our primary export is war and the tools and machines and ideals of war.  It will soon also be a very healthy domestic economy.

I am confused by the trivial fights of life when nothing we do is right and yet we still walk the same path.

With a spoon humanists attempt to reroute the raging idea of capital consumption “to the good.”

We cannot “rise into a new idea” while we contend that this one is useful and can be made better.

Perhaps it will rise into us by force.

Douglas Storm is a host and producer for Interchange on Bloomington, Indiana's community radio station WFHB. "Why then do you try to 'enlarge' your mind? Subtilize it..."

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