Random Thinking on Manipulating Mind

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Look how much are we encouraged to passively receive images?  And in those images are cultural expectations.

Why do we focus on testing?  Testing creates a mind that will expect an answer that will be expected.

We encourage STEM because STEM isn’t thinking, it’s making (tinkering) and a kind of thinking focused on problems of human engineering.  It’s not about being.  It’s about building.  or rather producing in the guise of building/making.

Entrepreneurship is debt-ridden personnel training BEFORE you get hired.  In other words, owners want none of the costs associated with creating employees to better serve them–you should do that yourself through the shackles of debt financing.

Men are more stimulative towards the visual: video games of war and streaming pornography.  This detaches the mind from REAL physicality tied to emotional well-being.

Judaism the image of god is forbidden (Moses talks to a bush)…creating images is forbidden.  Images are false idols.  Representation REPLACES the direct experience of god…usually aural and then in the written word which is “internally aural”.

As language developed evolutionarily “all at once” (according to the anthropological record) words were tied to things in nature.  Emerson makes this point in his book “Nature”.  So, words are initially tied to sense perception and this will of course still favor vision and probably touch next.  (again, speculating).

We are always and only guessing at these types of things as the factor that we cannot “control” is the role of the observer.  It’s impossible to get objectivity from the mind studying the mind

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Language is self-conscious mind.  This is why, I think, many folks believe it’s the one cognitive advance that we might be able to map.  How language is generated, that is.

That seems to mean that we are our words.  Words may be tied to images originally and so this would push us into the work of Lakoff, et al., regarding how our “decisions” are prefigured or hardwired to particular “theme” or “frame” words that trigger emotional responses.  This seems to me to be something to WORK AGAINST or at the very least something of which to be very aware.

We should educate against visual frame cues tied to key words; against the political “dog whistle” education.

It’s interesting how this offers some credence to Freud’s work in “talk” therapy and searching for links to “hidden” primary drives.  The words we speak reveal our deepest historical/genetic mind.

My point is that the modern state understands this.  The modern state knows that there is a way to keep one in the depths of frame words which are restrictive and limit thought–they require emotion and action as they are likely keyed to RESPONSES from survival requirements.

What do core standards create?  Expected thought.

Vision is tyrannous.  “Mine eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the lord…”  No, they haven’t.  Yahweh to Yeshua: the arc of this reveals GOD as tribal and preferential…He then recedes as the tribe is defeated only to claim defeat as Victory in Second Life.


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