Education and Capital Replication: It’s the Rot that Becomes Us

How It Spreads

If you read this pamphleteer, you discover that education is under ideological assault.  Not because there are conflicting ideas about what to learn, how to learn, why to learn, etc. (though there are), but because people with money and power want to buy and sell into that “market.”  Right now you can find likely billions of dollars being spent in all sectors of the “management” economy finding new ways to make “schools,” new ways to test success, new ways to create higher education markets, new ways to control content, new ways to produce and publish content, new ways to create groups that will disseminate your ideas about content, and so on.  That in itself is an intentional economic act instigated by federal administrations to keep that sector humming and making money.  This is only the latest in the diseased life of a capital economy.  Education matters now, more than ever, because it’s something that can be managed.

The USA has no more industry.  We might argue that it could easily take charge of making a change in energy production and that in itself would be a massive industry.  This of course would require a massive change of the existing economy of consumption.  The US is a consumption engine–not a production engine.  It is in this way that education as a market makes sense.  It’s readily available as a resource and it requires no mining equipment and no fear of oil spilling into the Gulf or leaking along pipelines.  There is nearly NO capital outlay required.  It is a market that is ready for reaping.  So, as we are now the laziest people on the planet, especially our capitalists and elite managers in government and academia and finance, what better “market” to exploit?  It is only natural that it be so within this system.

It’s actually quite difficult to find anyone who finds capitalism really bad.  Even the folks who protest against its excesses are really just protesting against those who profit “illegally” via fraudulent methods.  This is surely something to protest, but it is not outright a protest against the very disease that encourages the fraud.

Further, capitalism creates a “justified” imperialism: as this economic system requires expansive growth at all costs new lands must be conquered to meet resource needs.  This is pretended to be a logical, neutral system.  “That’s how it works.”  If we conquer all the world and “give them” capitalism (it is a disease, you know) then they can “compete.”  It enforces its ideology in this manner and, again, even people with good, caring thoughts want to export our “comforts” to the downtrodden.  It seems there is a disconnect that we don’t understand that, as Emerson and many others have shown, that nothing is got for nothing.  The gift of capital leisure is simply a spreading of the disease.  It’s grossest example might be Oprah’s ecstatic “you get a new car” show that extrapolates to Oprah’s opening schools in Africa “accessorized” with the finer things in life.  In other words, poor, common people discover their actual purpose in life is to own Polo Sheets of a certain thread count.  That is the mind of capitalism for the common man and woman.  It is the mind that accepts the the fraudulence of even the “legal” actions of capital finance; the mind that then allows exporting of jobs to other nations in order to enrich a few and impoverish the working person in every community.

Capitalism does not make life good; it does not raise the quality of life.  Well, it does, for a time, in the areas it “develops,” but in so doing it destroys so much more.  There are academic economists and philosophers who belief this is as it should be and that it’s wonderful.  When Capitalism shines on you, like it’s your tutelary divinity for a period, all is well; but it is fickle–unless you own everything and are really the Oz behind the mask of Yahweh or Zeus or Krishna or Enlil.  It’s sad when you lose favor, but them’s the breaks and isn’t it great for India and China that Capital loves them now?  Too bad for Alabama, and Kenya, and Nairobi and so on…but maybe, if they pray hard enough, or discover some resource needed within their “borders” valued for sacrifice then Capital will come and devour them once more, or again, or for the first time.  It is an endless hunger it seeks to feed and it will find you if you have something it deems nutritious.

I detest the absolutely inane arrogance of any claim that without this evil economy we would not have “advanced,” would not have medicine, would not have clean water, would not have anything that humanity has invented.  Massive horseshit.  Good comes and bad comes out of the same confluence of thinking minds across time and space.  Good is corrupted as soon as a “capitalist” decides to distribute “good” for profit.  Once there is a motivational shift from giving to profiting  we find the core of the good black with rot.  And it is the “rot” that gets spread.

And it is the rot that becomes us.

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