The Egalitarian Eagerness of Promethean Fire: The One Story


Here’s my take on the how the world unfolds.

We are moving toward climate disaster.

We are moving toward global cultural “synchronization.”

We are moving toward global mercenary militarization.

We are moving toward a “burning” earth.

We are moving toward the end.

I am less than hopeful that a catastrophe that is truly Biblical will be averted.

Because, in my theory of how the world works, it is indeed the Bible we should turn to for our predictions.

But maybe some Greek mythology too.

I can easily “read” climate disaster, the burning planet, as the “end of the world” brought on by “God” as detailed in the Book of Revelation.  The world ends in fire after all.  For some time I would have said this referred to the very real (and still very real) possibility of nuclear annihilation.  But no matter, some combination of “burning” effects will erase mammal life (at least on land–it seems possible life will spring forth again from the very deep sea).

I can also read our cultural synchronization of communication as a kind of “reverse” Babel–or a building towards a new rendition of the Babel moment wherein the tongues become one but then are dispersed by the act of the head of the Elohim.  (Not yet Yahweh, I don’t think.)

The evil hordes of troops for hire will create a truly terrifying future of constant military domination and aggression.  No rule, no law, but the gun.  This seems more of a kind of Tolkien Orc situation, but I’m sure there’s some kind of dream prediction about the armies of the Anti-Christ in Revelation.

We can read in mythology that our great gift of chemistry (making and unmaking with fire) is our destruction as well.  This is the root of the Pandora story as well as Prometheus chained to the rock with an eagle pecking out his liver (which grows back overnight to be pecked out again) as punishment for sharing this gift.  Seems to me now that this “gift” was an evil and that we might call Prometheus the true “demiurge” of the Gnostic fabulation.  We might go further and interpret his replicating liver (an odd medical truth for a myth, right?) as the “repetition” of the tale–the gift brings pain and destruction and torture and imprisonment, yet we will repeat it again and again.   The story and cycle of return (recorso in Vico?  in Nietzsche?).  This brings us always to the brink of the “secret”–of eternal being of immortality.  Fire brings us our godliness.  It creates and destroys with equal eager hunger.

The Greeks offered us the idea of atoms.  And here we are now, seeing atoms and envisioning quarks (all via the eyes of machines) and projecting mathematical versions of multiverses and vibrating strings.

Finally, I simply think we enact our stories…we make them true.  In every revelation though we learn or, rather, ignore, the ultimate lesson.  That destruction is inherent.  That to continue the course of “discovery” in order to escape the reality of organic demise is the very thing that brings brimstone down upon us–of our own volition

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There is no god consigning us to the fire–no covenant to break but with ourselves.

We are the stories we tell.  We have ended and will end again.  But will the liver grow again?

Here’s the one we’re enacting right now.  (h/t Dave Rollo)

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