Is There a More Bigoted State in the US than Arizona?

Klan Unform (Henry Ford Museum)*

I hope not.

Schools must no longer teach actual history in Arizona.

State law bans classes that are primarily designed for a particular ethnic group or that “promote resentment toward a race or class of people.” Last week, state Supt. of Public Instruction John Huppenthal ruled the Tucson program in violation. The board chose not to contest his decision in court.

You gotta love that.  No resentment allowed!

Here are two links to reports describing the most embarrassing city in the most embarrassing state in this embarrassing country.

TUSD kills Ethnic Studies program in tumultuous meeting

Tucson students confront loss of their Chicano studies class

How are there no recall mechanisms for school boards or “governing boards” in this case?  Petitions now.  Toss them out on their asses.

Tea Party legislation seems equal to hate speech.

I don’t even know how to excoriate this with enough venom.  It’s hard to not fall into that space in which you hate all the people in the world that think like this; in which you hate a system of jurisprudence that allows people to pass these kinds of bigoted laws.

It’s hard not to just think that Arizona must be seen as an example of the way NOT to be and a warning to the rest of us that shows how the awful minority among us can make the world a hateful place.  Unfortunately, this has become SOP.

Is Arizona the new HQ of the modern Klan?

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  1. Douglas Storm January 15, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Yeah, Tea Party is all Hate all the time apparently.


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