Contest! A Trinity of Errancies to Parody

The prize to a reader who might make the following three “insights” coalesce, Errant-style.  Good luck!

1. In the very real pleasure found in wearing good socks is a lesson

2. Our “worlding” selves are “post-conscious”

3. Occupy Wall Street is functionally useful to the Masters





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  1. Sarah November 17, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Warm feet require conscious effort, but with warm feet we are better able to be thoughtful, and so inspired to stand up, walk out and Occupy Wall Street. (This comment sponsored by Haines – get 3 packs of cotton crew socks for 20% with your Occupy Wall Street wrist bracelet at any Walmart nationwide.)

    (Sorry, that’s the best I could to today…)


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