It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Really Are

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Sometimes we all get a bit bogged down.  I spent the morning trying to explain myself and my perspective on how screwed up Western Capitalist thinking is and it makes me a little tired.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share Van Morrison with you as a way to balance my aggravation over the enforced lessons of the business class. I’ve been listening to three albums incessantly lately, and they are keeping me grounded.  If these works exist, if this man exists, if this music exists, if these lyrics exist, there is beauty in the human.

The albums are Veedon Fleece, Astral Weeks and Moondance.  They are about human relationships; they are about people in nature; they are about people in love; they are about home.  They are musically full of being.  “In the country fair, we lay down in the long green grass…in sweet summertime.”

I won’t labor the point, but these songs make me believe there are ways to be beyond being consumption machines and war machines; they make me believe we can really connect with each other.

Wisdom is here.  Listen.

Here are some songs off of Veedon Fleece (my favorite) but please find your way to the whole album.

In Cul de Sac (live audio) you are asked to “be less sure…and take your rest”:

It’s been much too long
Since we drifted in song
Lay it down wet
In this hide-away


And we don’t care just who you know
It’s who you are
And when they all go home
Down the cobblestones
You can double back
To a cul de sac

Travel out, but return home–it’s who you are (you ARE home) that matters…not the social construction that one gets ahead by “who you know”.

In Fair Play, Morrison says, “I wish we could be dreamers in this dream…”

Fair play to you
Killarney’s lakes are so blue
And the architecture I’m taking in with my mind
So fine…

Tell me of Poe
Oscar Wilde and Thoreau
Let your midnight and your daytime turn into love of life
It’s a very fine line
But you’ve got the mind child
To carry on
When it’s just about to be
Carried on…

And there’s only one meadow’s way to go
And you say “Geronimo”
There’s only one meadow’s way to go
And you say “Geronimo”

A paperback book
As we walk down the street
Fill my mind with tales of mystery, mystery..

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And imagination

Forever fair
And I’m touching your hair
I wish we could be dreamers
In this dream, ohhh
Let it dream

Mystery and Imagination–these are Van Morrison’s gift to us.

Perhaps instead of enrolling your child in classes to learn how to ask bankers for money to allow them to hawk a useless thing, you might turn on a little music and sit down and just listen for a time.




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