Young Earth Activists and the Gap Theory

Domenico di Michelino, Dante and the Three Kingdoms Domenico di Michelino, Dante and the Three Kingdoms

Domenico di Michelino, Dante and the Three Kingdoms

Folks are working very hard to “prove” their “faith” is “scientific.”

I had no idea it was such a massive industry.  A Facebook comment today on this story, “Vi Simpson: The Woman Who Punked The Radical Republicans in the Indiana State Senate and Their Creationist Bill,” alerted me to this.  The commenter went to a very good university and is now a lawyer: this is what he wrote, and while some part of me wanted to embrace it as a very good joke…it turns out to be a real “perspective.”

As a “young earth activist” I think the bill should have been passed, as amended by Ms. Simpson. I believe in a young earth, 7 day creation, but I cannot prove it scientifically. Howeer, there is also plenty of dispute over the THEORY of evolution. I have no issue with all theories being taught, that is what schools should do, teach all theories and let the student decide. The issue I have with the teaching of evolution only is that it is taught as hard fact, not as one of a number of theories regarding origins.

While this commenter cannot offer proof, many are trying very hard to do just that.  As I don’t have any way to tell which of these “proof texts” have more credibility to their constituent believers than any others I’ll just link to a few below and you can decide for yourself.

It seems to me that something has gone very wrong for the religious among the “lesser” beings of creation (humans, you know, below angels)  if they must stoop to seek evidence in order to have faith.

What’s amazing is that this effort seems to center on “origins.”  The “origins” story or myth of creation is so common among all emerging peoples that it’s utterly mystifying that Christians would be aching to prove that Genesis could be labeled “fact” rather than symbolic of one kind of truth.  That is that humans need stories and they need beginnings.

It seems to me to indicate an arrogance that springs from abject fear; a massive compensation for the abyss of insignificance we all face in confronting our very natural place as one species among many to trod the earth and as one which will in time follow the same path as millions of others.  We may be a very adaptive group but we are not very tough!

It seems further interesting that a pile of scrolls that at one time were not stitched together in any order but were regarded as independent books, both historical and fantastical, to be read in any order by those members of the tribes of Israel who might be able to read them (not just anyone) would be the text that Christians felt the need to prove as geologically factual.

Does it seem easier to stretch linguistic interpretations of Genesis to fit a “geologic faith” rather than it might be to enlist science in the effort to prove the miracles, resurrection and divinity of one lonely man, one among the tens of thousands crucified by Empire?

What gives with the massive amount of fantasy and illusion in the air?

To be fair, I’d say that the further we disappear into the different abysses of meaninglessness called quantum reality and multiverses and black holes and dark matter and the nothing before the something, the more desperate many folks seem to get.

What’s more, technology is absolutely more mysterious to me than the realization that I am finite and that so are you and that my bones will, as Rilo Kiley says in my favorite song of theirs, form new limestone to give things their turn.

But we are lost.  All of us.  And the desperation to be found is profound.  And it seems profoundly sad and full of painful misery.

It seems though that those in this state are bent on making others of us as miserable in their faithless faith as they are.  That’s why we are losing what was fought for in women’s dignity and respect, not to mention health; that’s why we are seeing public education turned over to religious institutions and corporate charter schools; that’s why the US Military and US Foreign Policy seeks to prompt further conflict in the Middle East.

We must prove the Bible true and the Christian Salvation that superseded it must rein in heaven and on earth.  Or we could just revert to Dante’s schema as based on Aquinas.

Why are you so afraid of dying, human?

For your investigating edification:

Beyond Gap Theory Interpretation of Genesis

Young Earth Creationism

Institute for Creation Research

Gap Creationism

“Spectacular Views” by Rilo Kiley

In steep cliffs
with rocks all piled up
mysteries of your passing luck
Ages past
shells and bits of foam
forming new limestone
to give things their turn

There are no bad words for the coast today

You never knew why you felt so good
in the strangest of places
Like in waiting rooms
and long lines that made you late
and mall parking lots on holidays.

There are no bad words for the coast today
when we hold our breath until nothing’s left
it all starts to fade.

We can see the stars
from where the birds make their homes
staring back at us.
but distanced perfectly
projected endlessly
it’s so fucking beautiful.

There are no better words for the coast today
then you ask what’s a palisade
and if we’re too late for happiness?

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  1. Charles Darwin February 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    Creationism isn’t a theory, it’s a myth, as you point out. So, if you want to teach this in school, you should add it to your literary curriculum, where it belongs. It is a story, a very rich metaphor. Evolution is based on scientific fact and observation.

    It’s maddening to me that this country seems to be sliding backwards in a hurry. Desperate times, desperate measures. Is there no other recourse but religious crazy?


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