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IN Superintendent Tony Bennett

Doug Martin, always on the look-out for “news” from Liar’s Club, Education Division, sent us a few links to explore.  What becomes clear, or is always clear, is that these folks are rank propagandists–simply look at the terms they use in making their case.  But maybe more importantly, they are very well-funded and very well-connected.   It’s a triple-whammy against the commoner, against you and me, by the unholy alliances of the Billionaires Club represented by Gates, WalMart, Friedman, Bradley and so on along with Institutional “instructional” Religion and then, finally, the State itself via legislative partnerships and “guest” speakers shilling for them (like Indiana State Super, Tony Bennett).  We the people have NO CHANCE.  The only way to stop it is to reject it, mobilize, stand on the statehouse lawn, keep your kids home from school every day AND reclaim the STATE as an arm of the people’s will.

The groups with names like School Choice Indiana and Charter School Association and Foundation for Educational Excellence are NOT serving the people.  They are serving one class of people.  They are not serving Indiana, or Illinois, or Michigan, or Florida or Arizona; they are serving Money as it flows into the master’s off-shore, untaxed, bank accounts (the fellas who scream against taxation already hide all their money, rather OUR money).

Martin’s Picks for today:

WellPoint and the Tea Party Americans for Prosperity to celebrate corporate school reform in Indiana, along with the other greedsters who have been touting privatization here non-stop.  This link is to a press release that ran in the Sacramento Bee (the paper disavows the PR memo yet happily pushes it in the format it is served to them as if it were a news item).

As the country prepares to celebrate National School Choice Week (January 22–28), sweeping changes in Indiana’seducational landscape have put the Hoosier state squarely in the national spotlight thanks to the largest first-year school voucher program ever and a progressive charter school environment that have served a nationwide model of innovation.

Yes!  The country is preparing to CELEBRATE the destruction of a public system of equal education.  Did you know there was a celebration planned?  Anyway, it’s exciting to be in such a progressive state as Indiana, you know the state that defunded Planned Parenthood and is about to outlaw collective bargaining (more on that below)–very progressive ideas.

National School Choice Week, organized by a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations, will feature nearly 300 events in all 50 states. Events planned for Indiana include…

Diverse, eh.  Maybe you can find some diversity in the Ownership Class listed below, but I’m not able to

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The Second Annual Indiana Leadership School Choice Week Forum will be held in Indianapolis on January 24th at 6 p.m. at WellPoint Inc., and is presented by the Indiana Leadership Forum, the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, School Choice Indiana, and the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association. Featured panelists include: Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett; President of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Robert Enlow; President of the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association Russ Simnick, and Vice President, Education and Workforce Development Policy, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Derek Redelman.

Do you see anything that stands out as a connecting theme (connection and community are important to us still and it’s this feeling that these people exploit)?  Friedman–illusory “fee market” ideology; Workforce Development; Chamber of Commerce.

Seriously, wake up.  What goes hand-in-hand with workforce development?  Union Busting and Education as Training!

“We are excited about giving parents the opportunity to learn more about school choice and how it can help them meet the learning needs of their children,” said Lindsey Brown, executive director of School Choice Indiana.”We now have a variety of high quality educational options for Hoosier families no matter what their income level or zip code is.”

Lindsey Brown, chief mouthpiece for education destruction in the name of “choice,” hits all the high notes for prevarication!  Choice, Learning Needs, Opportunity, High Quality, Economics!

The groups listed above also sponsor this event: Corporate ED Reform Rocks’ to invade the Indiana Statehouse, with support from Michelle Rhee, Stand for Children and Hedge Fund Managers, and others. If you still think these people don’t want to privatize the entire school system, look at all of their field organizers across the state.

Again, what you must understand is that this is a Corporate ASSAULT and a CLASS assault.  Who can stand against the money that puts these things together?  What can you do against it?


As a corollary to this anti-public, anti-human, anti-caring agenda in education here’s a link to the current state of union busting in Indiana.  A good piece from Niki Kelly on the Right-To-Work-For Pennies’ Fight in the Journal Gazette.
Here’s the takeaway–Republicans are going to pass it in Indiana.  The Corporate intention of this type of legislation is to make the Union bankrupt itself.  Yep, that’s the devil in this detail:

She said the bill encourages free riders because employees can choose not to be part of the union or pay any fees and still receive the benefits of a contract. She offered an amendment that would require an employee to pay some costs if he or she asks for union representation in a grievance procedure.

In other words, the union will be forced to protect workers who do not pay dues.  In fact, no one would need to pay dues and if there is a union presence, the union would still have to protect the workers.  That’s the evil in this.  The UNION will be made bankrupt.  And then, no one will protect workers.  NO ONE.

Right-to-work is an assault on PEOPLE.  Corporations want to be able to pay slave wages.  It’s that simple.  There is NO OTHER REASON.  Bankrupting the state, bankrupting the nation and increasing unemployment is a CHOICE by the oligarchical rulers.  The more desperate the work force the easier it is to force any legislation on them if it gives them a job, any  job.  And the more you want your kids to be trained to be employed.

Capitalism sees people as resources ONLY.  Check out any “risk management” firm (Hylant in Bloomington for example) and they will have people devoted to protecting HUMAN CAPITAL ASSETS–not protecting humans, but protecting a corporation’s ability to exploit that resource to the fullest with the least amount of risk.  The only risk now being a civil lawsuit.  But of course, we’re learning that those are going nowhere in this freshly-minted Right Wing Totalitarian World. We are at the mercy of coercive capitalism.  I am honestly surprised it’s taken them this long to set off the bomb in their terror campaign against us.

Photo Credit: State School Superintendent Tony Bennett reads “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to a group of second-graders on Thursday afternoon at Children’s Academy of New Albany. This was Bennett’s first official visit back to the area after being elected to the state superintendent post. Staff photo by Kevin McGloshen

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