Stewart on al-Awlaki Assassination

It’s nice to have one’s point of view exonerated almost immediately after a contentious argument about said point of view (note the past three posts).  I asked in “Idle Curriculum”, “What joke will Stewart make about the al-Awlaki assassination?”  Well, now we know.

First, in the intro to the show Stewart plugs the guest for the night, Thomas Friedman, who Stewart calls “historian”.  Seriously?  “Suck on this” Friedman…one of the most asinine and dubious “political” columnists at the NYT is an “historian”?  I have a few friends, actual historians, who will be surprised to hear this.  Also, the show as must be clear by now, is really, as Chomsky has said about TV generally, “filler” between the important content, commercials.  It just turns out that most of Stewart’s show is this kind of content.

After mocking the construction of the current and prior administrations use of the term “War on Terror”, Stewart introduces the story of the assassination and acts as if he and no one has heard of al-Awlaki. Here’s a piece to clue you in from by Greenwald.

He then mocks how the “other media” are representing the US citizen we just murdered…”he’s kind of like the Facebook friend from hell…when you announced a relative’s funeral he’d always click “like”…he’d poke your wall with Farmville updates.”

He jokes about “messing with Viacom” and ends commenting how surprised he is that instead of being known for green jobs, etc….”Obama’s clearest legacy would in fact be his ability to reign targeted death from the sky…Can we even do that?…Yes We Can!

There you have it…some enlightened mockery.

Daily Show bit on al-Awlaki

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