We Trust in Tech Companies? (Pew Poll)


This is from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and serves to add more detail to the recent Errant post In None Do We Trust.

It’s an article regarding poll information on public (dis)trust in government (and other groups as well).  You won’t be surprised to learn that there is very little to be found.

But more interesting to me was the view of other institutions we don’t trust–and some real concern with those we do trust.

College, Church, Small Business (they are “us” after all, right?) and Tech Companies!  I find this more than a little troubling.

So, how do I “armchair” this?

College–“experts” and “opportunity” for economic advancement, college offers, in our imagination, the “right” place to be to make your way in the world.

Church–easy enough, this is a “local” trust and so makes the most ready sense.  It’s “institutional” but deeper research on “which” denominations are trusted might be interesting.  This institution is felt to care about you even if your neighbors and other members participate in those institutions you don’t trust.

Small Business–really, the same as church in the sense that it’s a local known.  These are “good people” that you know.

Tech Companies–Easily the biggest concern as this belies our odd trust in all things we can’t understand but fit within our “meme” of advance.

What’s your “read”?

 Update: Another view

I can offer the “bright side of life” to this as well, just so you don’t think I’m always seeing the  “life’s a piece of shit” side of things!  Perhaps this is fertile ground for real democracy and a chance to locally “take back” or rather “take for the first time” the role of the citizen as “society-makers” (to quote 50s lefty, Paul Goodman).  Get thee to your churches and vote!

Uh-oh…I think I walked into an issue.





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  1. focus August 10, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    I think you did–now let’s hear more!

    1. Doug August 10, 2011 at 7:04 pm

      Well, I think we might be able to funnel this demographic of “trust” and “distrust” back into the local “town hall” governance that still holds sway in Vermont.


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