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In my local Sunday newspaper, the day of greatest readership (at least in terms of print circulation), a front page story discussing how one of our schools has adopted the “Artful Learning” curriculum continues onto page A-6 where it shares that page with the Police Beat and a large 4-color advertisement for an Ivy Tech Bloomington fundraiser that is offered under the subtle and savvy title, “America the dutiful–The Questions that Occupy Us.”  Brilliant, I know.  It features the 50s era arch conservative George Will.

Now, I don’t want to guess how much Will is charging, but the American Journalism Review offers $12,500.00 in their article, “Talk is Expensive.”

I offer my opinion free here every day…and I have even offered to give our local paper the “balance” of countering their non-stop purveyance of right wing claptrap spewed forth from the Indiana Policy Review.  They are uninterested.  The editor averred, “I know who writes for the IPR; I don’t know you.”  And?  Have you seen their line-up?  I love that they call themselves “adjunct scholars.”  Priceless.

At any rate, I think the juxtaposition of an arts curriculum in an elementary school with business prostitution interesting.  Perhaps the arts curriculum can, as a response to the call for civic duty, join forces with Corporate Tech and donate (because business folks love that you spend your own money to achieve their ends) their creative talents to decorate the Entrepreneurial Lemonade Stands this summer.

But more interesting is the ridiculous nature of this program as it tries with a razor wit to identify the “duty” of American business and what “occupies” us.  The message is clear!  Ivy Tech and Coporate interests proclaim: We do not support OWS!   We do not support investigations into financial fraud!  We are the 10% that make the .1% possible.  We are dutifully supporting oligarchy and will perpetrate fraud as long as we can find lawyers and judges that will allow it!

For that’s what it is friends, support for the Masters is inculcated in this way.  Masters need managers and purveyors of pablum.  Enter Ivy Tech.  Enter George Will.

And the “privateers” in life beg funds from you to support their aims (alms for targeted aims) with the O’Bannon Institute.

For example, “Ivy Tech-Columbus offers grant-funded training in Motoman robotics operation and programming,”

Ivy Tech Community College-Columbus has received a grant from the Department of Labor for the purchase of Motoman robots and for training 200 people to learn to operate and program them. Without the grant, the training would cost $1,500 per person. Motoman is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial robots and factory automation systems in the world. The training will introduce students to the basics of programming and will provide hands-on experience. No prior knowledge of robotics programming is required.

What makes Ivy Tech a “public” institution?  It clearly has one goal in mind: to serve as a training institution for business.

Ivy Tech Community College is the nation’s largest state-wide community college with single accreditation. It is the state’s largest public post-secondary institution serving nearly 200,000 students a year.

That means that it is must be seen as the primary purveyor of post-secondary business propaganda.

They even just launched a “Corporate College” as if it weren’t already one.

I’m confused by this “hybrid” entity serving the 10% who serve the .1%.  They certainly don’t intend business to benefit anyone but the masters.  Though they will talk about civic duty–which means making cities serve their needs, the duty of the city to business interests.

And that friends is indeed the opposite of the Occupy Movement.

Ivy Tech, the training ground for middle management mediocrity and enslavement to the ideologies destroying the world!

So proud, Lefty College Town.

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