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On Education (Redux)

I’ve been pondering what it is schools do and what it is I can imagine they might do instead.  So you might gather from that statement that I do not agree with our current educational systems.  But, I might as easily say that this position is easily transferred to ANY institution that has been used […]

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Coerced Silence

Coerced Silence

In some post somewhere near the beginning of my blogging with an intentional focus on “education,” in attempts to define and understand it as a social system as well as in attempts to discover the ways we are “taught” how to behave outside of those curricular and pedagogical walls, I asked myself and what audience […]

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The Locus of Measurable Social Replication: Opt OUT and Make It New

Public schools are, like America, relatively new in history.  Especially schools as conceived as a public “good” available to all children. But one can readily argue that men in power never conceived of schools as a public good for individual edification or growth of mind and spirit.  Sure, there were both men and women that […]

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Better Angels on Black Ships: Is There Evidence of Moral Progress?

Update Below: Pinker in 2000 Steven Pinker, language guru, descendant and somewhat apostate of Chomsky, has written a book about the “progress” of human morality measured via a reduction of wars and war casualties called The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. In a Salon “Recommends” piece (“Writers choose their favorite books […]

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Chastening Dissent: The Vulgarity of the Commoners

I’m sure you’ve seen the news that a teen tweeted her opinion that the Gov of Kansas “sucked,” including a hashtag #heblowsalot, but if not, here’s a news report from CNN, “Kansas governor apologizes for ‘overreaction’ to teen’s disparaging tweet.“  Here’s a snippet: The teen made national headlines last week for a tweet she said […]

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Glorifying War Shall Not Grow Old

Concerning War Movies (prompted by a conversation about Peter Jackson’s movie They Shall Not Grow Old). In J. D. Salinger’s […]

Cutting Down the Clouds

This winter they are cutting down our woods more seriously than ever,—Fair Haven Hill, Walden, Linnaea Borealis Wood, etc. etc. […]

Representative Texts from Hawthorne to Dickinson

In your daily busyness you are pressed for time to think and often choose instead anesthetization – watching any number […]

Between Hope and Defeat, History and Heaven

“God himself culminates in the present moment.” (Thoreau) What is “now” for? What if you “know” the future? Fairy tales […]

Absolute Solutions Necessary

Only two things to do: 1. zero out carbon emissions 2. exception: all technological and scientific labor exploring new solutions […]

Rachel Carson’s book had no real effect

Facing Global Climate Disruption and the End of Everything All At Once… David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth tries very hard […]