“News” as Marketing–All the Voucher help you need!

This brief piece from the Lafayette Journal and Courier has a particular story to tell, summed up in the following paragraphs:

“I have no qualms with the public schools,” Pendley said. “I just know he’ll get a better quality and more Christ-centered education” at Faith Christian.

During the one-hour meeting, Marissa Lynch of School Choice Indiana, which has organized a number of similar meetings around the state, briefed parents on the new law and their options.


On July 1, a lawsuit was filed in Marion County Superior Court by a handful of educators, including four within the Lafayette School Corp. A preliminary injunction hearing has been set for Aug. 11.

Pendley and her mother, Terri Miller, said they both worry whether they will apply to the program only to find the program dismantled because of the lawsuit.

“It’s a concern I have and a concern a lot of people have that I’ve spoken with,” Pendley said. “I’ve always wanted private education for my sons, so this does open up doors.”

Miller, also a member of Faith Christian, questioned whether private schools accepting public funding would allow the state to dictate how the schools are run. She was pleased to find that wasn’t the case.

1. “Regular” citizen wants her child to get a “better” and “Christ-centered” education with public money.  (One nation, under God, Liberty and something…)

2. A group called “School Choice Indiana” is working hard to organize a “pro-choice” ground-swell at numerous meetings.  (Herding the masses.)

3. “Regular” citizen is worried the lawsuit will ruin her dream of a private education for her son.  (Damn liberals!)

4. The state will NOT “dictate” how the school is run (according, one supposes, to Marissa Lynch of SCI).  (This one might need some investigating–I’m certain those approved for vouchers MUST also be sure to stupidify their students with test-taking requirements…but that may be all the “dictation” the state will give the Christocentric institution.)

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that wealthy folks who pay for their education and their “gated” private institutions are not going to be hobnobbing with Angela Pendley’s kids.  Further, that private education for most voucher users will be at religious institutions that are “Christ-centered” (curriculum for such?).

Anyone with any kind of historical knowledge does not need to imagine the way this plays out if it’s declared “legal” and continues apace.

But let’s address this “news” item.  The reporter talked to three people but centered on one family.  The reporter did not speak to the SCI rep Marissa Lynch.  The reported did not report what exactly Lynch detailed to the families, “step-by-step”.  The reporter failed to convey the turn-out at this event.  The reporter did not convey turn-out for any other events.

Two questions from me:

1. What is a Christ-centered education according to Angela Pendley?  Corollary, does this match that of the church/school?  (Could he post a link to a curriculum document?  Here is a summary (pdf) of their Five Year plan and their mission regarding how they indoctrinate children.  From their handbook: “The purpose of Faith Christian School is to encourage Christ likeness in every student.”  Sign me up!  I wonder if they read any Tolstoy who really tried to make this a reality in his own life.


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. Who funds School Choice Indiana?  It is not clear from their various web offerings.  Any help out there?  They “Like” the Foundation for School Choice on the Facebook page–this site claims to be the same as the Foundation for Educational Choice which is an organization founded by Milton Free Markets are Freedom (but let’s overthrow foreign governments first) Friedman.

This was a somewhat useless news item UNLESS its goal was to let you know that School Choice Indiana is your place for voucher help.  That’s good “news marketing”!  Boo!

But what must be recognized here is that the Religious and Privateer pretend Libertarian Sectarianists are ridiculously organized with this message of “freedom” being shrinking government services for citizens in order focus government on “protecting” private interests.  He who acts, wins.  The rest of us are losing.


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