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Without Reflection

A well-known line from a well-known poem by W. H. Auden is “…poetry makes nothing happen.” It comes in section two of “In Memory of W. B. Yeats” where it competes with several great lines. You were silly like us; your gift survived it all: The parish of rich women, physical decay, Yourself. Mad Ireland […]

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Upon Examination: The Many and Few Against Liberty

Widespread ignorance bordering on idiocy is our new national goal. It’s no use pretending otherwise and telling us, as Thomas Friedman did in the Times a few days ago, that educated people are the nation’s most valuable resources. Sure, they are, but do we still want them? It doesn’t look to me as if we […]

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Wake Up, Anaesthetized and Distracted Morons: Drones Don’t Mirandize

The Banality of the Drone Use in the Police State. Seriously, when are you going to stop caring about how great Spotify is or how happy it makes you that Jon Stewart “gets you,” or how Occupy needs a clear message and agenda, or if Steve Jobs was a genius or just a ruthless corporate […]

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Logic is what he valued, and not metaphor…

Speaking out of Charles Simic’s mouth. Ask me in a hundred years. Aided by Augustine of Hippo (Sources below) The natural order, which would have peace amongst men, requires that the decision and power to declare war should belong to princes.   (Saint Augustine) Innocent human beings get killed—that was my earliest lesson. Whenever I […]

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Glorifying War Shall Not Grow Old

Concerning War Movies (prompted by a conversation about Peter Jackson’s movie They Shall Not Grow Old). In J. D. Salinger’s […]

Cutting Down the Clouds

This winter they are cutting down our woods more seriously than ever,—Fair Haven Hill, Walden, Linnaea Borealis Wood, etc. etc. […]

Representative Texts from Hawthorne to Dickinson

In your daily busyness you are pressed for time to think and often choose instead anesthetization – watching any number […]

Between Hope and Defeat, History and Heaven

“God himself culminates in the present moment.” (Thoreau) What is “now” for? What if you “know” the future? Fairy tales […]

Absolute Solutions Necessary

Only two things to do: 1. zero out carbon emissions 2. exception: all technological and scientific labor exploring new solutions […]

Rachel Carson’s book had no real effect

Facing Global Climate Disruption and the End of Everything All At Once… David Wallace-Wells’ The Uninhabitable Earth tries very hard […]