“Error is not disarmed or disenchanted by caricature or neglect.”
O. B. Frothingham

“You don’t devise a rhythm, the rhythm is the person, and the sentence but a radiograph of personality.”
Marianne Moore

 “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”  
Milan Kundera

B-town Errant’s SoapBox

The Editors of the B-Town Errant simply aim to offer their ruminations as twice-chewed pasture grass. Take some time and graze with us.

B-town Errant’s Mission

B-town Errant is an online magazine and community that amplifies and ruminates current news and other media sources

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. While we aren’t journalists in the field, we hope to make some more sense about what is being written about the world around us. B-town Errant’s goal is to encourage its readers to engage with media using a critical eye, “critical” in the sense of taking more time to consider perspective, motivation, implication and consequence well beyond the instantaneous and impulsive news reporting most of us read. B-town Errant hopes to serve as a trusted filter and an alternative information source, providing the kind of cud that you’ll want to chew on for awhile.

The Faces of B-town Errant

B-town Errant is published by Douglas Storm, Editor-in-Chief, and his trusty sidekick of a wife, who doubles as his Web Developer & All-Around Tech Guru.

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